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Saving The Working Boys Home *UPDATE*

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I went along to the consultation & my optimism was not unfounded,met with the architects in charge of the project...although there are no detailed plans as of yet what they are purposing seems acceptable as well as promising to me.


So what they are purposing is keeping the frontage including the memorial hall doing away with the later extensions at the back adding new extensions in place of those. Plus other new buildings to the rear separate from the old boys home with lots of foliage along with parking while reducing parking at the front while also improving the walkway that'd runs from bath street to central ave to allow bikes also.


Did anyone else go along? & if so what did you think of their plans.

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Hi Glenda, yes, this information was posted by Aylestone Voice last month.


The consultation day was very interesting. The plans as they stand, are to keep the original and beautiful façade of the building. It will become 82 units of much needed social housing.


To me, this is the very best solution. If the façade - and therefore the character of the building -  can be incorporated, this will preserve a part of Hereford's cultural history.


Personally, I'm delighted at this proposal. It has made the battle to prevent it being demolished worthwhile.


Time to start a new chapter for The Working Boys Home.

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Do those who are interested in this know that there will be another public consultation tomorrow?

3 November 2016

Brierley Court Turner Street - 3pm to 6.30pm

I went along & had a look at the plans....on the whole I'm pleased with what they are going to do in retaining the frontage along with the mermoral hall.


However I am disappointed that they are not keeping the victorian industrial chimney as this is the last of its kind in Hereford so in my opinion should be preserved & incorporated into the design as it would be a unique feature especially when you considering that they are retaining the wall with the windows etc in the design down that side?

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I missed the chimney aspect Cambo but it's a far cry from where this could have gone...Thanks to those who cared enough. It would have probably been demolished otherwise.

Don't get me wrong GK I'm more than happy with what they are doing but I also think that keeping the chimney is doable & would enhance the design if they had a roof starting part of the way down with the rest incased in glass with a spiral staircase running around part of it to accesses the upper floor.


But your not wrong it could all of ended up as a pile of rubble. But thankfully not.

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