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  1. Pot holes have appeared here yet again in exactly the same place.To my knowledge this will be the eighth time this area of potholes have re appeared Yet another indication of employing Balfour Beatty who seem to be pretty useless filling holes.
  2. Looking better than I thought it would but nothing is as bad as that Premier Inn monstrosity in Blackfriars St though.
  3. And now that the water has finally receeded the abysmal state of out pot hole ridden roads is truly shocking.
  4. Most of it silly gossip spread through social media Glenda just like the 'its going to rise another 10ft' load on nonsense.
  5. The river Wye at the Old Bridge is expected to rise to 5.8 mtrs tomorrow which would make it the highest level in living memory surpassing the 5.66 mtrs it rose to in 1998. Only the flooding in the 1700's with an unoffical level of 6.1 is higher.
  6. Before you start your protest,have a read of this. https://www.local.gov.uk/sites/default/files/documents/5.40_01_Finance publication_WEB_0.pdf
  7. The charging points at the old market are worse.the system there is so out of date that it frequently trips the electricity supply when someone plugs their car in.New electric charging points were to be installed on the upper deck of the car park 18 months ago.
  8. Lol..Air pollution. Just goes to show this new shower of crap at the council are clueless.
  9. What happens to the millions we are getting to nearly fund the by pass from the Housing Infrastructure fund?
  10. East Bridge will end up somewhere around Hampton Park as it won't cross the Lugg flats so the locals will love that.
  11. Most of us will be dead n buried by the time anything is done. Why not show us you are really keen to aliviate some of the major problems in the City by starting with an easy one John which will cost nothing at all. Switch them bloody lights off on the Newmarket Roundabout.
  12. it begs the question as to how the Council would fund the bypass HIF (Housing infrastructure fund),we are getting a large slice. Obviously if we don't go ahead with the by pass the HIF would be defunct.
  13. My prediction for Fridays announcement by Herefordshire Council..The By-Pass will be cancelled .
  14. Happy new year to you all
  15. Wishing everyone here a very merry Christmas
  16. Nicola sturgeon spotted outside polling station this morning
  17. Car in for repairs caught fire in an industrial unit on Red Barn Drive last night. I noticed a feint glow as I went into Euro car parts and thought it strange someome had a fire going inside the unit .
  18. Just seen that the long closed starbucks coffee shop has been let and so have the two retail units on the fire damaged site in High Town.
  19. Most Hereford Bulls have their horns polled when they are calfs & the horns on this bull are not correct for an un polled Bull. Oh and no sign of either apples or hops.....Just saying
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