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  1. Is there a job going for someone to tackle the traffic problems in Hereford because lets face it, nobody in this current NOC City Council has a clue what to do.
  2. You can see well over 60% of this funding being swallowed up and then they will get the usual susoects to quote for the work.
  3. We are working towards a masterplan for the City environs and will consult fully with all stakeholders and the public to get the best input for the vision we hopefully all share for our vibrant city and market towns. A few questions about this master plan.* Who are these people working towards a master plan. Do they live or travel in Hereford. What professional expertise do they have. Have they been tested to see if they have common sense.
  4. Is this waste of money and stupidity going to last for ever?They must of spent some £80,000 on this by now which is possibly twice as much as the glazing would cost to replace.
  5. Problem is literally nobody reports a pothole. Just reported a pothole in Burcott Road so lets see how quick it gets repaired ....Watch this space0
  6. Another RTC on the Widemarsh Street - Link Road traffic lights this afternoon with a car with Children in ending up on its side.I can see a death happening here unless something is done.Removal of traffic lights and the installation of a roundabout with 20mph all the way down Widemarsh Street & Link Road would be a start.0
  7. They should be accountable for their stupid actions just like any other road user.
  8. It may be the previous administration who spent money on the slr & by pass development but the decisions of this administration lost us the SLR & the huge chunk of the 4.1 Billion HIF from the Govt.
  9. Pretty sure it was this administration and they are still there there
  10. It will have to be pretty fast.The wolves are at the doors of all those who voted against the by-pass and wasted near 12 million.
  11. If you travel just a little further out of the City you can find some stunning Countryside with spectacular views. Two of our families favorite places to visit are in the Brecon Beacons national park. Llyn y Fan Fach & Fawr in the Black Mountains & the four falls walk ,Ystradfelte.
  12. Here we are again with local social media pages highlighting this issue yet again as nothing has been done. I'm sure some of Herefordshires Councillors are reading this so are any of you able to give some update as to when this is going to be sorted out.
  13. How much was the pre cast wall they could not use? I'm sure I heard that it was around £26,000. Who's paying for that mistake?
  14. As long as there is a min age and you have to hold a provisional licence or higher that can be given penalty points I don't see a problem. One problem I can see is that someone will start copying legal scooters to make them look exactly like the hire ones.
  15. Unfortunately I'm related to this animal.Quite possibly murdered more people than will ever be found.
  16. Traffic lights on the Blackfriars street junction go to red when nobody is either crossing the road of in a vehicle waiting to get out. I have reported this fault for the last 6 months yet nothing is done. I was at the lights on the Newmarket roundabout today going down Edgar Street.Lights on red,nothing coming and waited 1 min for them to change.Down to the next set by Blackfriars Street,again on red,one car comes out of Blackfriars Street then pedestrian crossing light goes to green but nobody crossing the road.Result..Traffic backing up on Newtown Road roundabout.
  17. After walking down and watching the traffic piling up all the way from Steels down to the Newtown Road/Holmer Road,the removal of the traffic lights down Edgar Street has to be a top priority.Traffic is needlessly being stopped by the totally pointless lights at the Edgar Sterrt/Blackfriars Street jtn leading to traffic backing up then slowing down to let vehicles in from the merging lanes.It then piles up on the Newtown Road roundabout then backs up even more when vehicles wait to turn right into Mortimer Road. Newtown Road over the rail bridge also needs to be widened to make two lanes.
  18. A board promoting the transport hub has appeared where the transport hub will be located between the HMG building and road to railway station. IMO the abandonment of the multi storey car park on the Country bus station site in favor of housing is a very big mistake.
  19. Extreamely rare to catch Covid outside. Just 0.1 % of covid infections which works out at around 3,000 since the start of the pandemic.
  20. Have you seen the amout of moaning gits slagging off the City on Your Herefordshire.What's wrong with these people.
  21. you are only filling the empty premises at Maylords by giving cheap short term lets.One of the main reasons you can do this is because you can now take 100% of the money you make via car parking giving you some extra £300,000+ income
  22. Prime tourist location and what a great sight for them to see. Bridge closed,path closed,Railings falling into the river.
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