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  1. My lad was told to get a test as one of his workmates had a positive test on Sunday.He's been with my daughter most of the weekend with her kids and had a test on Monday that came back Tuesdady as positive so as he lives with us we all have to isolate for 10 days.Wierd thing is my daughters test has just come back as negative. Still waiting for our tests to come back.
  2. Can see that working at the pay and go tills in supermarkets.must of been a dozen of us paying for our goods in asda in a 3mtr space.
  3. Just the excuse my wife is looking for.Guess I'll be painting and decorating for the next six weeks
  4. https://www.quora.com/Does-Lewis-Hamilton-donate-any-time-or-money-to-charity
  5. Your quote that he refuses to live in the UK is pointless & a joke.He can live wherever he wants. He still pays taxes in this Country and is one of the top 5,000 tax payers in the UK
  6. Its like all the graffiti in and around the City.Herefordshire Council can contact owners of property that they don't own and give them three weeks notice to remove it.If not they can have it removed and send the bill to the property owners. Sick & tired of the incompetence of this Council.
  7. Pretty sure anyone with the money he has accumulated would live somewhere other than th UK,You never heard anyone have a go at Sir Jakie Stewart who lived most of his life in Switzerland Jim n Phil were given their gongs before they became infamous & Savile lost his the day he died.
  8. Well we have had a death by cyclist in high town a few years back.I can go through town on any day and encounter more than a few cyclists riding on their bikes.
  9. Note that Sir Chris Hoy who was the son of very wealthy parents and educated at a private School did the same but because he's white he never got any flack.
  10. Anyone else sick & tired with most of the traffic lights being on a generic timer? Money needs to be spent on a complete update of traffic signals and removal of ones that do nothing but stuff the traffic up ie Newmarket Rounfabout. And why the box junction that was painted in error on the right turn into Widemarsh St still not been removed is beyond me.Have lost count of the times I have reported it.
  11. Also stopped this bloke driving from a tier 4 area. Driver said he was only driving home for Christmas ......
  12. https://www.facebook.com/herefordcityofmemes/videos/140813024470718/
  13. Fantastic archive video from the BBC archives site, 'on this day' in May 1965. Moving the old black & White building in High Town to make way for the new Marks & Spencer building. Looks like good old health & safety pretty much never existed https://www.facebook.com/BBCArchive/videos/2480750955282743
  14. You could find friends relatives and mates anywhere if you dig deep enough. My Cousin is distantly related to the Queen whilst I'm related to Fred & Rose West so you could say the Queen is related to him .
  15. After a few e-mail exchanges with John Harrington way back last year I saw quite a few positive comments from him especially regarding the Asda lights and possible various traffic light removal. Unfortunately every single one of those positive comments has come to nothing. By the time they actually do something we won't have to look at a greener,clean way of travelling because we will all be running around in electric vehicles.
  16. We need a positive & serious look at easing traffic problems in this City.Unfortunately our Council is run by a bunch of clueless clowns.
  17. If the Eastern by-pass is the option they choose then the SLR needs to be built too. And a river boat..Makes my angry that as serious as the problems with our roads and traffic are, we have a deluded Councillor that thinks this is an acceptable idea. Give me a day with John Harrington and I could point out at least a dozen problem areas in the City that if changed would go a long way to easing congestion in this City
  18. Absolute nightmare for my elderly mother. We moved her into her flat on 6th Oct and I was in the middle of installing a new kitchen when we had a phone call from Estate agents on the10th Oct telling us to stop what we were doing and to get out of flat and hand keys back as their had been a huge error in the buying process by our solicitor. I was thinking. Ok,a few days and we would be back in flat.......It's now 5th November,lockdown,she is still homeless and 'sofa surfing' between families. She is on medication because she cannot sleep and has just been put on anti depressents by her Dr
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