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  1. That was a terrible day, I can remember seeing all the smoke across the city. Sad news about the two firemen that perished. RIP
  2. In this day and age you simply cannot make stupid comments, particularly on a radio station, what was he thinking? I rarely listen to this station, I find them all quite amateur and far too many adverts.
  3. This is a good idea, I think they need to check the existing platforms before installing any news ones. They need to add some sort of grip to the surface because they are very very slippery from my experience if they have the slightest amount of water on them.
  4. Strangely enough we only had a bacon butty there a few weeks back, shame to see them closing.
  5. Happy independence day
  6. I have no problem eating an animal that is bread to eat but I draw the line torturing the animal first.
  7. The sooner we can get out of this corrupt European Union the better. They have really shown their hand with their bully boy tactics.
  8. Oh and Labour could do a better job... Both parties are in array
  9. Part-Time lights would be so easy to implement, how many of us find ourselves the only vehicle sat waiting for a red light during the evening and throughout the early hours, it works in Oxford and Gloucester with no problems so there is no reason why this idea could not work here.
  10. All looks nice but it feels like it is taking forever.
  11. I am pleased that we were not the only people thinking this, no wonder the city centre is dead! The Old Market was all open
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