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Hereford Voice Upgrade and Changes

Hereford Voice

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We are in the process of changing hosts and upgrading the whole website.

Hereford Voice Ugrade.jpg

You may see some big changes taking place on the website over the next few days and the website may actually go offline for a short period of time while the transfer takes place. This will not actually happen until Friday or Saturday but we just need to give you notice incase you think something is wrong.

If you cannot login, please find us on Facebook and Twitter until everything is up and running again.

Thank you 

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49 minutes ago, megilleland said:

Colin is there any reason why the last comment on a topic can be shown on the home page instead of the initial post. This would make it obvious that there is a new comment without having to scroll through the whole topic.

Hi Martin,

if you click on ADD REPLY your will see the last post mate.

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35 minutes ago, megilleland said:

Colin if you go to Land at Three Elms topic and hit "Add Reply" this only takes you to the bottom of the first page of comments.

I will take a look at the script to see if I can add edits but the only issue I can foresee is just seeing the last comment to several topics without any images or reference to the main title may become confusing, if you see what I mean. This is how it has always been however, I will have a look to see if I can improve it

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On 07/03/2018 at 08:58, megilleland said:

Colin what is the symbol †in past posts?

Other examples







Also note that there is no numbering of posts in a topic to refer to.

These are just a few symbol errors created when we upgraded the forums, the database has got a little confused with £ and ' etc I will need to manually change them, do you have the links, I have already changed a few.

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