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£1.25 Million Towards Pot Hole Repairs

Hereford Voice

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Herefordshire roads badly affected by the recent severe weather will benefit from an additional £1.25m of central government funding for repairs.

This funding, which totals £1,252,647, will be used to repair more roads, addressing the equivalent of 23,000 potholes and build in protection to help make the county’s roads more resistant to future severe weather.

Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport and Regulatory Services, said:


“This winter has seen exceptional weather in Herefordshire, and the prolonged freezing temperatures have had a detrimental impact on the county’s roads. We have seen an 84% increase in dangerous potholes and our teams have been working hard to remedy this problem.

“We welcome this additional central government funding which will be used to enhance our response to the challenges brought by the severe weather.”


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A Herefordshire local resident has filed a claim for mining rights in a pothole after it ate her Landrover Defender. Linda Holtby of Belmont laid claim to the hole near in Barrs Ct Road after it rearranged her landing gear on Thursday evening. Herefordshire Council have since filed a counter-claim with planning permission for five thousand affordable homes with stunning views of the underside of the Cathedral city.

Earlier plans for an underground village in a pothole to the north of the City had to be abandoned this month after magma from the Earth’s core was found welling up in the basement of one of the show-homes. The development was also challenged as not being ‘in keeping’ as it was unlikely to add sufficient value to the peak-hour gridlock on the Roman Road.

Ms Holtby refused to comment as to whether she had already found valuable mineral deposits in the depths of the pothole, although she offered that she had retrieved three Waitrose shopping trolleys and a number 5 bus and passed these back to their owners.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from National Heritage has stated that the pothole may soon be listed as being of special historic interest and considered to be of national importance and therefore worth protecting for future generations to enjoy.

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The pot hole crew were doing their thing down the road recently and I really hope they try a bit harder to sort the mess we have to put up with as it was half a job at most , trying to make it look professional but I can see through the slap dash bodges . Could try harder . 

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