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Old Hereford Pics Website Closes

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Old Hereford Pics Closes Website

We are very sad to learn that Old Hereford Pics website has now come to an end. :Sad:

We have contributed many times and enjoyed all the wonderful photographs over the past 10 years, so thank you Chris for all of your hard work, we know all too well how difficult and time consuming running a busy website is and we appreciate all your hard work. 

We would like to wish our good friend Chris Adcocks good luck for the future.

Here is the statement from Chris:


"Well as people say, all things must come to a end. Its been nearly 10 years since I had the idea of finding and posting old Hereford pictures. I must say I've enjoyed it for the biggest part and it has taken a lot of hours out of mine and my family's time over the years. So its time to call it a day and let the other excellent pages now available to have their turn. I must thank everyone who has contributed over the years and I must say I have made some lovely friends along the way. It has taken a while to come to this decision and due to family commitments and not having the hours to keep it up, that's me done. The page will remain for people to view, but I would like to kindly ask that people please now use the other great pages out there to post in future. A very big thank you from me to everybody that has helped over the years.

Chris Adcocks"


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