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  1. Councillor Chappell should go and lend a hand, that will save some money
  2. What logic! ha ha unbelievable, okay the local lads run across the train line at Redhill everyday backwards and forwards, they are scrumping in the woods, they have been doing this for a month now without a single accident, not one! Even though people are telling them this is dangerous and an accident just waiting to happen, they still continue, perhaps the Police should issue a statement advising the train drivers to be more observant when approaching this junction. (scratches his head in dismay)
  3. I do not believe anyone from HV posted anything that bad about her? And because she never caused an accident that's okay then? What a load of crap! She was a pain in the back side and most people agree. Like you said, what was she there for? Nice to see all the rubbish she kindly left behind for someone else to clean up, best not mention that though eh
  4. Good, she was there far too long in my opinion anyway, thanks for leaving a nice little mess for someone else to clear up.
  5. ha ha that is funny and would of been a great headline.
  6. They should chase them all! Not in any particular order either, anyone not paying their fair share of tax or claiming benefits illegally are all as bad as one another, regardless of the numbers.
  7. So what is the answer, let them just get away with it? If we applied this same logic to the police costs involved in chasing people who have committed smaller crimes, we would just tell the police not to bother? Does that makes any sense to you?
  8. I bet you have never been to either Poland or Romania, Poland is not a poor country, in fact their national debt is far less than that of the UK. I think that the point being made here is not about the GEUINE disabled people but more about people who are playing the system and if you think there are not many then you are very naive. I worked in the DHSS for many years and I saw it all.
  9. I have never seen anything like it, an absolute pi*% take, this idiot should be removed from the roundabout, I am surprised she is still there.
  10. Less claiming yes, thats what happens when a country like the UK just hands out benefits without too much checking and then when the government want to do an overhaul of disabled benefits, guess what, they don't like it and kick off! I am really not at all surprised that you didn't see anyone on a mobility scooter on your recent trip. It is no wonder our country is in such a state, even fat people are classed as disabled now, what is that all about?
  11. No thank goodness, if the rest of this overgrown city is anything to go by then best off without.
  12. Just read this on the HT website, no smoke without fire.
  13. It is the same along the Ross Road, overgrown and weeds and litter all over the place. Why are BB not spraying weedkiller?
  14. We all know this to be the case Pete, but lefties live in denial
  15. You are more than happy to highlight my comment on the elephant but you make no reference to the other comments with reference to the thousands of flood victims I notice? I bet you would of jumped on that one if they had been refugees hmm?
  16. I wouldn't either! That's it keep attacking wealthy people, it's like they have done something wrong being successful! They never suggested housing all the people from the floods back last year in expensive properties, so whats the difference here then? other than the pink elephant in the room. This was an absolute terrible tragedy, I think everyone acknowledges this but if I am totally honest here, (I am sure I will get slated but hey ho) the days following this horrendous fire which was caused by a faulty Hotpoint fridge we saw the PM visit twice, we saw Jeremy Corbyn visit, we then had other various MP's and celebrities turning up, mind you, Bono and that scruffy t w a t Geldolf never arrived, even though they offered their homes to refugees a few years back, that never developed into anything either than the usual hot air! Oh let's not forget the Queen visited along with Prince WIlliam and yes all this to show support at this sad time for these people but I don't remember seeing all of these people turning up after the London Bridge or Manchester Attacks? If this were me or you we wouldn't get this support. Are ALL of these people not insured at all? Why have the insurance companies not got people on the ground? Perhaps they have but there is too much finger pointing in my opinion.
  17. Closing the centre is not good for the local community.
  18. The PM actually visited some of the victims again yesterday, she clearly realised that as well as talking to the emergency services on her first visit she should of also spoke with the victims, it is never too late and she tried to address this yesterday and got slated for it, she cannot win. Personally, I like the woman, she is still learning but to be fair she is also recognising her own faults, I hope she remains in power and becomes a really great prime minister, just changing the leader may tick a few boxes for some people but it is not really the answer, learning from you mistakes and addressing them is all good positive stuff in my view.
  19. I agree a roundabout has got to be better than more bloody traffic lights!
  20. Well explained, good article.
  21. "The Queen has today paid tribute to the "bravery" of firefighters and emergency service workers "who put their own lives at risk to save others" The Prime Minister didn't do anything wrong, both political leaders did the right thing and the PM ordered a public enquiry, no waiting or messing about, she ordered it immediately, so credit where credit is due. She visited and spoke with the unsung heroes here too.
  22. Thats funny but pretty accurate at the same time.
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