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  1. Hence her stand against not being blackmailed by the EU bureaucrats. She is got bigger balls than many leaders, they also do not want this so called diversity and multiculturalism, they have every right to decide who crossed their borders and not be intimidated by the likes of Merkel.
  2. Yes, most business's of this nature in the city centre are open Sundays. You have to keep up with the competition if you want to survive.
  3. Omg fire looks terrible, there is nothing on the HT website about this yet, so HV on the ball again. I hope all is ok and that no person is hurt.
  4. I'm with you on this Paul, I still think Germany have a lot more of this to come unfortunately due to Merkel's ridiculous open door policy.
  5. I have signed the petition, this is long overdue and had the police officer that died today been armed he may of still gone home to his family tonight like all of us reading this. Probably find it was some Islamic nutter again, also I would not be surprised if he is already known.
  6. It is nice to see something positive being done for a change, good luck folks and enjoy your visit to Poland, I'm sure you will be made welcome. I was in Poland about 7 years ago (Krakow) and really enjoyed the warm welcome and friendly people, not over struck on the sour cabbage but everything else was just fine.
  7. They are an eyesore good to see they have been knocked down, thanks for the photo's
  8. Agree with Bilbobobby, come on HV start shouting!!
  9. K.Butt

    Empty shops

    Typical the first year the HV decide not to run their annual empty shop count in Hereford and the HT pick up on this story
  10. I would like to wish all members new and established a warm and happy new year for 2017
  11. This story has come through on lots of media channels including those from other countries. Russia has supported the internationally recognised government of Syria since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011: politically, with military aid, and since 30 September 2015 also through direct military involvement. So these men had 4 years prior to any bombing from Russia. My grandfather like many other men and woman fought for this country during the blitz and constant coming from Germany during the war, including many other people defending their own countries at the same time, so please do not start with this one!! I understand that HV is mainly for stories about Hereford but this topic like many other topics which have had nothing to do with Hereford was placed in the open forum for open debate, alongside other more 'left' topics that suit your agenda, I don't see you moaning about those topics.
  12. They looney lefties will probably claim that these young men were suffering from PTSD or some other nonsence, they are nothing but vile scum!!! Another attack to add to the growing legacy of Angela Merkel.
  13. I cannot see why not, they appear to tick all the boxes for planning.
  14. This could be useful, I like the idea of no contract
  15. Friar Tuck old shop is still empty Denise, I just drove past?
  16. Denise is not at all in my view but these people are obviously breaking the law in many areas and portraying themselves to be Polish as well as using Polish branding, so I would say they they are taking the pi*% myself!
  17. Well done to BCC, I agree with Mick, there is always something going on at the centre. Keep up the good work
  18. I shop at Pritchard's to buy quality clothing and yes that quality and name comes at a price, each to their own but I too welcome this new store unless you would prefer to leave the premises empty?
  19. Ditto. This design is not bad, fresh looking with a large glass front on the top floor with large balcony I don't think the image does it justice, it will look nice in my view
  20. Absolute joke, that's about the limit of the intelligence of some of them.
  21. Half of these people are leaving comments on the HV Facebook Page
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