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  1. You see what happens when I assume too lol
  2. Well the bus driver could of been on his/her way back from a trip and could of been driving before the snow started, you know what they say about assumptions... :) But yes generally do not need to go out in their vehicles in this weather unless it is a must.
  3. I saw this bloke nearly knock over a woman, didnt even stop
  4. I just noticed these new signs today, all looking very clean and smart I must say.
  5. I could not find a parking bay free in town ended up parking in St Martins Street, this was 40 minutes ago at 11am
  6. Jesus how confusing is this? It looks like a lot of this is one way around the city. So if your coming down Barrs Court Road you cannot turn right over the bridge into the city centre? What is that all about? I can see many people doing U Turns once they have turned left towards Aylestone Hill.
  7. I might get one of these to ride on the pavement :) I wonder if that is acceptable too? This is no different to an electric bike and there are loads of those around and they are becoming more and more popular.
  8. Tossers! The guys walking should of pushed him off his bike
  9. Good to see the Prince in Hereford today, made our day when he came over and said hello.
  10. In defence of the FC or any other business, I would not want drunks and vagabonds roughing it out and urinating in my entrance either and yes this was going on there before anyone jumps down my throat. I am sure that if genuine homeless people jut used the entrance for some shelter but then moved on without leaving a mess during the day it may be a different situation.
  11. The HT have deleted harmless posts of mine in the past for no apparent reason, that is why I choose to reside here, virtually no editing or censorship here.
  12. What is this all about? First I have heard of it tbh
  13. Super effort by Colin and all the volunteers, you should all be feeling very proud of yourselves, credit where credit is due.
  14. What about the multicoloured LED lights on the front of the Kerry, I do not see the difference here.
  15. Riding on a footpath at night without lights is not a criminal offence?
  16. So he committed a crime then? So it is a criminal offence?
  17. http://news.sky.com/story/migrants-clash-in-mass-brawls-around-calais-11000900
  18. Good information but all of this is in the first post I think, still nothing wrong with posting it again to make sure :)
  19. Some good photographs here, just goes to show how neglected the city walls have become
  20. Ah, this is interesting, you certainly have done your homework, Colin. It does make complete sense
  21. What is the point of installing these gates if they never close them? I cannot belive that people are that lazy that they do not put their own rubiish in the bins, it rally annoys me, besides, they should be on this park at night anyway.
  22. Oh no I hope they are not closing, this is bad news for Hereford if they are.
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