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  1. They must be able to trace the route of this vehicle from cameras, so surprised at the appeal to be honest.
  2. If this is the case then someone needs to be accountable, these people are supposed to be professional and experts.
  3. I try to shop locally as much as possible, keep up with promoting local independents
  4. New parking meters should of been turned on after Christmas, so the timing was not the best however, I can now parking in Broad Street for an hour now for a £1 which is ideal for me when I need to go and get my haircut or nip into M&S. It costs much more than this to park in the OLM but that does not stop people, their car park is always busy. Vouchers are not a bad idea and shows the council are listening but it would of been much easier to have just turned the meters off like H Wilson has pointed out.
  5. Hereford has litter all over the place and as good as it is to see these local groups cleaning up the city nothing is actually being done to prevent people discarding rubbish in the first place.
  6. Nice photograph congratulations, sometimes we forget just how pretty Hereford is
  7. Oh come on Denise, they are as good as most other bakery type outlets and very low prices. The offer everything from fresh rolls to pastries, cakes and coffee ideal for people on lunch or just wanting a quick snack.
  8. It was good to see you yesterday Colin, sorry I couldn't attend but as you could see I was on my way into work. Great effort from all involved, this is a fantastic project with instant improvements as your photographs show.
  9. I see this happening all the time, yet they are the first tom complain at motorists.
  10. I spotted this idiot bombing along the footpath in Commercial Road, I first spotted him absolutely flying past the church and the Golden Galleon chippy, once the traffic moved my passenger took these photos a little further down. He was lucky that nobody just walked out of the chippy becuase he would of been hard pressed to have avoided anyone because of how fast he was going. You can hardly see him until he comes into the brighter area near the bus station car park entrance.
  11. Glad that you stood your ground, the only thing I would of done differently was to tell them this is a footpath.
  12. Ha ha yes I was just reading this, quality.
  13. Utter rubbish! No you would not a child out near or onto a busy road anyway let alone on a bike, so your argument is flawed. It is not difficult to grasp, the law is the law, some people think they can do what they like if it suits them. Ironically these same law abiding cyclists are usually the ones wearing head cams
  14. I am with you on this Frank. So, lets challenge this crap about I don't feel safe so I choose to ride illegally on footpaths. My wife was out the other night at her friends having drinks, when she decided to come home it was late and dark, she could have chosen to get in her car and drive home because she said she would have felt safer and she had only had a couple of glasses of wine but instead decided to leave the car at her friends and walk home. The law is the law. So some are happy to break the law when it suits them then.
  15. I fond it all rather strange, nobody likes the N word but black people call other black people the N word all the time, what is that all about?
  16. Spotted another one earlier almost knocked into these people with the pushchair (This part of the pavement between Penhaligon Way and the junction is shared space)
  17. I spotted these cyclists earlier on the footpath along Edgar St
  18. I got there just as he came out of the cathedral, really nice to see our future King in Hereford.
  19. The bright blue Odeon signage and Costa etc is all okay though...
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