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  1. Looks good, thanks for the choice
  2. It is a shame the never caught the actual person he committed the offence. Lesson learned by this lady.
  3. What is wrong with some people?
  4. To be completely honest I like the Old Market development, I sincerely hope that more restaurants come and fill the empty places, there was plenty of choice.
  5. Positive vibes well done, fed up seeing people moan moan moan
  6. I was in the city centre today and I cannot see that this has made much difference, car park in West St was virtually empty
  7. This is a strange sculpture, but I am keen to see it when it comes to Hereford. It is massive.
  8. I agree Denise, the police are doing an excellent job right now especially arresting all these drug drivers. 👏
  9. Glad that you stick with the local news as much as possible, unlike some websites that think they are Sky news
  10. Thank you and happy nurses day
  11. Jesus Christ! How did that happen? I see the driver soon disappeared, I wonder why.. Glad that the family inside were all okay.
  12. Ooo I maybe able to grab some fishing tips
  13. Enjoying this fabulous weather 

  14. This is a genuinely a lovely idea. So many families suffering right now because of this dreadful virus, let us hope that a vaccine is found soon.
  15. Anything the helps raise more money has to be a good idea, especially this one. Capt. Moore what a legend
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