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  1. Went with my mates, total shitty event and unorganised, will not go again.
  2. Very cool, I wondered how long it would be before YH copied your post it took 5 days, have a look at their Insta 🤣
  3. We were sat on the new benches in high town only on Friday and I pointed this out to my gf, needs sorting it looks even worse up close.
  4. Just got home from work and saw this, begs he question how the hell did that happen? Hope nobody was seriously hurt.
  5. Have you seen the amount of cars queuing to go into McDonalds mosts days? Stop moaning and walk if you're worried about an increase of 50p for 30 minutes parking but it's actually cheaper to park in St Martins Street.
  6. RIP and thank you for your complete and utter dedication to country and Her Majesty the Queen.
  7. Excellent work by the parish council, they've done a good job, fair play
  8. I'm not sure it was actually over Hereford but it could clearly be seen from Hereford
  9. Why are you always so negative? This needs to go over to the Worcester Road not end at Ledbury Road
  10. Yes and I see another local website has published the same story today, Hereford Voice you should be flattered.
  11. River boat is a stupid idea. Turning the traffic lights off or making them part time will help
  12. This is an interesting story, glad Hereford Voice have not mentioned her name even though its all over the news, innocent until proven guilty
  13. How did that happen? Electrical fault no doubt
  14. I would be surprised if the driver walked aways with no injuries looking at that car.
  15. Hopefully this will get dropped in the new few years, it appears to be on the agenda.
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