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  1. When people lives are at risk the emergency vehicles should ram the cars out of the way and inform the police who should then prosecute the drivers.
  2. Local people came to the rescue with a 4x4, to be fair many people have clubbed together to help people during this recent storm, good to see.
  3. I agree, how sad that there will be a nice clean new building project and this eyesore will probably remain untouched.
  4. I understand that but the land next to them is for sale from my understanding...I wonder if HH approached the people in these cottages in an attempt to purchase them before they submitted their plans for the new building works.
  5. That area that used to be Ray Bubbs is a right mess, full of weeds, pity they never knocked the lot down before they started with the new build
  6. This is looking interesting. Are there still changes to come?
  7. My girlfriend cannot wait lol I guess I will be going to this event, might be a laugh
  8. Yes, Jason Nellist, 40, and of Nicholson Court, Hereford, has been charged with her murder.
  9. This is a real shame, it is clearly a much needed service.
  10. I like the tram idea, it makes a lot more sense then some of the stupid ideas that the council come up with. As for buses they are pretty unreliable in Hereford in my experience, quite often if you do not have the correct change the driver will refuse to carry you, I complained many times in the past.
  11. There was talk of them extending the car park in this area but it never happened
  12. It was refurbished going back 4-5 years ago but probably in need of refreshing.
  13. Apparently, according to his daughter this guy had his license taken off him previously and has hypo's all the time and shouldn't be on the road.
  14. They must be able to trace the route of this vehicle from cameras, so surprised at the appeal to be honest.
  15. If this is the case then someone needs to be accountable, these people are supposed to be professional and experts.
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