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  1. End of January? be too late then! this country is never prepared! :Angry_32: floods next and they won't be ready for that either.
  2. Alex


    This is neat, thanks for the link.
  3. Well said, I have read a few posts complaining about the BR closing, sorry but I have the same view as above.
  4. This has not gone unnoticed and I agree it's a poor show.
  5. Thank you for the information. I was unaware of this group.
  6. Found it within August 2009 minutes a bit cheaper than £4000 but still very expensive. Still over £2000, seems a lot to me.
  7. The result was published in September 2009 minutes but I cannot find the cost of the notice board.
  8. Inexcusable. :Thumbs-Down:
  9. I could not agree more, of course raw sewage is dangerous and poisonous especially in water, not only to public health but eco and to the fish in the pools.
  10. So why are they not on here helping and advising us! they get paid don't they.
  11. You had to be fast with the camera to catch him, good shot though.
  12. I am new so i will have a look around. Useful site was recommended to me by my neighbour, don't know how often i can contribute but will enjoy the reading for now.
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