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And it begins.... (bin collection)


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So we're 3 days in. Mine has't been collected and I've been told it won't be for another 2 weeks. Despite the scheme starting AFTER my standard collection time.


A mother has posted this to the council facebook page...




"Never had a bin delivered and dustbin man said today there wouldn't be any point in having one as they can't take it down a step and out my gate . He also said he could only take 4 bags , really ? For a family of 5 with babies ? So this is the result , bags left with rotten meat in that have been sat there for 2 weeks and all torn by cats . Already have a rat problem and this is just adding to it. And we pay council tax for what exactly? So well done , your bright idea as clearly worked . All this will do is attract rats which can spread disease , make our homes stink and encourage fly tipping ."


Can be found on the council's page here:





Council apologises for bin mix up as new collection system starts


Crews working *LONGER* as new bin collections bed in


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Just what I was going to say, Flam!


Another issue which does need to be addressed though, is wheelie bins left out on very narrow pavements.


This is causing real problems in some of the Whitecross side streets, although I appreciate that last week was not the best of starts, with conflicting information given on leaflets and the council website.


Having to repeatedly step out into the road to navigate the wheelie bin obstacle course, is tricky enough with a dog in the dark. For those folks with buggies to push, or in wheel chairs, its a nightmare.


Potentially quite dangerous too.

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Biomech, An excellent photograph of a cluster of black plastic bin bags. If ever there was a photograph available for the public to peruse that highlighted how and why I became a black plastic bin bag man, then it's this photograph captured by my dear friend Biomech.

As soon as I viewed the photograph, I thought, 'hi up. That's a lovely photograph' and if I ain't very much mistaken, the image could easily be showing a cluster of black plastic bin bags numbering at least six or seven. Course, other than me, who's counting? Most viewers of this topic won't even bother to count the number of bags that have created the cluster and there's nothing wrong with that if anything I transmit is worth bothering to read. More fool me for even bothering to count. Whether the cluster contains six or seven black plastic bin bags or even five, it's of no interest to anyone but me because folk quite rightly couldn't care less and who can blame them. But, just because I choose to count the number of the black plastic bin bags that have created the cluster, don't start attacking me just because I like the photograph. Im perfectly entitled to count the bags.

My point? There's nothing wrong with the black plastic bin bag. If the bag was good enough yesterday, it's good enough today and I'll never, under any circumstances pick up my cluster of black plastic bin bags, pop them in the wheeled bin and have them collected by the lads who drive the dust cart. Never!

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Some rats are as big as cats, and Ive seen a cat back off from confronting a rat. If people didn't put half eaten food in the black bags cats would leave the sacks alone. What annoys me my neighbour puts her black bags by the side of the bin instead of in it, then the cats rip them open and the waste is strewn all over the path.

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We asked for assisted collection as we are both disabled,they said they wouldn't do it from the front as they have to walk up a path leading up to the front garden.And we have a road at the back the problem is we have a camper in the drive and you can't get the bins up the side of it.It is too narrow so they gave us clear recycling bags to put the recycling in.But they took the green bin away.I asked what they would do with it and they said it would go to someone else how stupid.She said we can put as many bags as we like out so why can't you put as many black bags out as we like.Also so much for helping Disabled people.They walk down the path at the front of the houses in Muir close, also someone put black bags out over there this week when it was recycling week so they have been left they will be left there now for 2 weeks.soon all the rubbish will be every where as there are a lot of cats in that area.

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