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  1. Whats wrong with the council earning revenue from parking? That can't increase council tax and the gov. grant is cut annually, Our local council needs to find new sources of revenue and this is as good a way as any. It will also have the added benefit of reducing traffic congestion, reducing pollution as well as giving extra business to the bus companies and helping to keep our vaulable bus services viable.
  2. Ok, I have to apologise for generalising. Both my grandparents were poor, but they were both from the WW2 generation. I have grown up all my life in villages in rural Herefordshire and all my life I have seen much of the houses bought up by rich (comparatively) people from southeast/London to come and retire here - that's why I think the current generation are all rich, its just what I see around me. Anyway, back on topic, A simple means testing for bus passes would seem sensible, similar to what was being proposed for winter fuel payments. When I go to town on the bus, not often I w
  3. Maybe that's why the buses make no money and are so expensive for the rest of us. Why do pensioners get free bus travel? most of the pensioners I know are minted and spend most of the year away on holidays. The era of the poor pensioner from the WW2 generation is almost over and what we have now is the baby boomer generation with all their money from final salary pension schemes and booming property values. They are better of than most people in work but because they go out and vote in large numbers they are given everything they want.
  4. I don't like cars and I don't like that people will not consider using other forms of transport. But when it comes to buses its the cost that is prohibitive, For me and my wife to get to work it costs £1.90 a day in petrol... For us both to use the bus it would cost £9 a day. So in total cost for going to work 20 days a month... Car - £38 Bus - £180 I can't afford to use the bus!
  5. They put in cycle lanes where its easy to do so, not where its needed, that way they can impress central govt. With how many miles of cycle track they have laid. Honestly with all these cuts that are happening its cuts to bus services that has me most concerend, I'm really anxious about it. My wife cannot drive, never will be able too, if the buses go we will have to move house.
  6. Hmmm, I don't think building a relief road classifies as public transport.
  7. This is really positive news, now put it to good use by investing in better public transport.
  8. I dream of the day that the welsh government get their act together and start running high speed trains between north and south wales, some nice modern Pendolinos perhaps. It amazes me that have such slow, old, crappy and small trains connecting the 2 halfs of their country.
  9. I plain english it sounds like they are proposing to privatise their buildings. British Telecom did this in the 90's when they got into financial difficultys after the .com boom/bust, A new company was created called Telereal to which BT sold all of its buildings and land after which they rented them back and this arrangement continues to this day.
  10. This announcment has wound me up to the extent that I have brieifly researched (on google) what vehicle means in this context and i cannot find it. I therefore conclude they made this sh.it! probably up to sound clever. http://www.theofficelife.com/business-jargon-dictionary-V.html http://dictionaryofmanagementjargon.yolasite.com/#V
  11. I vote for one of these spanning across the river wye AND the entire Lugg meadows, No sane human being could possibly object to an object of such beauty, at a very reasonable price of only £312,143,892.98 a fraction of the cost of HS2! (1/130th)
  12. what about a floating pontoon bridge with dirt tracks leading to either side of it, I bet they've got some kicking about in the yard at Credenhill their not using at the moment. This will solve ALL our traffic problems and cheap! it could all be funded by loose change found behind the sofa in the break room at plough lane.
  13. Sounds like a great idea. Sure it will create more traffic but with developer paying for new roads and a park and ride, its good to see. Where can we see the plans?
  14. I think its very unfair that theres just 3 stations in herefordshire (4 if you want to count Colwall) They have 3 just in malvern! a town half the size of hereford. I know colwall is technically part of herefordshire but I think most people will see it as a part of malvern.
  15. Hi Glenda, what do you think of having a freight terminal in rotherwas and passenger stations at moreton_on_lugg and tram inn. It would be great for commuters coming into the city and relieve rush hour traffic.
  16. The very idea that we are part of the midlands makes me shudder, the thought of being ruled by Birmingham horrifies me. I want a referendum on Herefordshire joining wales! We could be the regional capital of mid wales... Who's with me?
  17. It might not be the cats, Where I used to live in central hereford it was the seagulls ripping open the bags. Popping them INSIDE the back wheelie bin will surely help with this problem anyway?
  18. If people have 2 or more cars they've too much money and/or cars are too cheap to run. In fact cars are so cheap to run that buses and trains cannot compete on value for money. When did we become america? Its bad for our bodies and psychy and its bad for our environment and planet. Too my diguest the cost of motoring is actually falling, many of my neighbours have forgotten that they can get somewhere using just their legs and they show contempt for people who choose too walk by parking all over the Bloody pavements. Sorry got myself wound up!
  19. I'm surprised there is little interest in re-opening existing railway stations, Attached is an old railway map showing all the old stations, These would be so valuable now for commuting into town and cutting down on traffic.
  20. What we really need is park and ride commuter interchanges at moreton-on-lugg, at tram inn and also whitestone so people can commute into Hereford on the train. There is plenty of space at all these ex-train station site for large car parks. A station at rotherwas would make this idea work even better.
  21. I wish there was an option on the ballot paper to vote to NOT have a councillor representing me, save the precious money and use it to pay hard working snowed under with too much work front line staff.
  22. And there was me thinking these houses look great. I real modern impression on people entering the city. New housing developments all look the same and a very dull and even insulting with there attempts to blend in with the local architecture. These are a refreshing change and an example of good architecture.
  23. Yes they do, I was working at a Morrison's store in one of the nearby towns and they told me that all their stores have car park cameras that log the entrance and exits times of all vehicles and then send you the 'speculative invoice' in the post if you stay more than 2 hours. When the company I work for get them they simply send the letter back stating that they will not be paying the fine as it is not legally enforceable and ignore any further correspondence.
  24. Consider yourself lukcy, at least you have the option of walking home! for me that would take at least 2 hours, and probably would never survive it if attempted the walk after a few drinks. So there we have it, unless i'm felling wealthy enough for a taxi the hereford night time economy is dead for me. Also our local pup does not serve food so I really don't have any options.
  25. The same way we always used to, through taxes, high taxes and well funded services. Compared to 3rd world country where taxes are low and there are no public services, that's what makes them 3rd world countrys, is that what we want?
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