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Autumn Watch At Hereford Voice.


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It's Autumn here at Hereford Voice, and it's time to launch Councillor Watch - a new thread to see if any poster can spot a comment from that most rare of species, The Blogging Councillor.


In these rural parts, a comment has not been spotted for several weeks......


A rare Conservative comment was identified over at Hereford Times last week, but sadly, in the more familiar habitat of Hereford Voice, we have not been so fortunate of late.


Regular visitors to the Hereford Voice environment include The Great Crested Chris Chapell, and The Lesser Spotted Glenda. Neither have been observed recently, leading to speculation of an early hibernation. Conserving their strength, perhaps, for the Spring Battles which take place every four years.


We need to encourage them back......please post any tasty morsels you think may tempt them back......or we may think they have become extinct!

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Dippy, what a brilliant idea!


The last comments I saw from Councillors and followed with interest, was a thread on the IOC facebook page. There were comments from, Cllr Kenyon, Cllr Harvey and Cllr Mark Hubbard.


Its a topic regarding the bullying of the disabled employees at Herefordshire Council. It appears to be an accusation that IOC or more specifically Mark Hubbard knew of the bullying of disabled staff and chose to ignore it, he states he doesn't remember being told, which I find strange? It's not likely to be something you would forget? That's my opinion but I would be interested to know what others thought? I also felt Cllr Kenyon's response to one of the posters seemed to be lacking in empathy, he seemed very defensive!




I was also wondering if there was some reason why Councillors from all parties had suddenly gone very quiet, has there been an order from the hierachy to stay off the forums?


Cllr Vaughan Powell, you read these threads and are highly respected for your honesty, perhaps you could comment? I and other posters value your opinions and your honesty.

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I thought I saw a councillor last night when I took the dogs out for their late-night sniff-a-bout...

I began to enquire about various issues...  Street lighting, that waste incinerator thing, the link road etc.

Quite frankly I was ignored.

Turns out it was just a badger...

Badgers...  Less rare than real-life councillors...  Fact!

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I was chased by a badger once, down Plough Lane of all places!


It was quite scary.....they can't half shift when they are annoyed!


So nobody seems to have spotted any recent activity, apart from Flams IOC observation???


Strange. Very strange indeed........


It must be more than just coincidence that none of the parties are posting? The Conservatives are a rarity in themselves - blogging wise. But the IOC and Independents are a different kettle of fish.


Yet they are all so......silent!!

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He must be alive he has just produced this report for next week. 




To provide the Board with an update on the development of a county-wide Health and 

Wellbeing transformation programme.

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Hi, no we are still here but can not always come on here, there are constituents to see and papers to read. However you can help.


I am helping a constituent who has a relative in a nursing home with a grade 4 bed sore. As a former care worker I can tell you that a grade 4 means someone has either been incompetent or committed a criminal act of neglect. Has any blogger a similar experience that has been reported to authorities but nothing much was done?


I would like to hear from anyone who knows how much per hour an IT expert is paid an hour! As you may know I am not IT literate!

I am investigating how much it would cost for ten days for someone to set up a new site on computers in an office. Have been told £300 per day is about right?


I would like to hear from anyone who has experience in the last three months of applying for a Blue Badge? The Government has changed the rules and many people who had one before are not getting one now. A private company working for Herefordshire Council now decides who gets one. I have one or two constituents who have been refused a badge recently but had one before. Their disability is either the sma or worse.



You can help please, but only if you have genuine knowledge of the above. Please feel free either to contact me here on email me on my council email.

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Hi Chris!


Our resident IT expert is Biomech. He's really clued up in this area. It would be worth sending him a pm if he doesn't see this thread.


I also know of a few families who have had their blue badge requests denied. A social worker took up one case, but the appeal was not successful. As with many things affecting those with disabilities, thresholds have been raised and goalposts moved.

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Your earlier post and link is hilarious! They are all there.....Johnson, Bramer, Price, Morgan,Rone, Barnett, Powell and Neill!


Well, now we know where they are!


Our Greater Crested Chappell has also appeared.......so we have located quite a few!

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Had a letter a few days ago from Charles Nicholls re:- Westfield Park. A sort of survey form for all the residents around Westfields and Bobblestock. Fair play to him, he has worked hard at the site, saving the tennis courts etc. Now the proposal is to put a  track around the park with benches and planting to provide access for joggers and walkers. My wife and I belong to the residents association and have been active in helping there. Maybe more like this could be done around the county:- Councillor leading and residents involvement.

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Hi Slim, great to hear from you again!


We do have some hard working ward councillors, who really pull out the stops for their constituents and areas. I agree, more involvement within communities can only be a good thing.


It's the countywide issues that are the thorny ones, and also the most complex and costly. The incinerator project for example. All the evidence points to the fact that this is a dreadful idea. Yet.......we seem to be stuck with it. Once again, a handful of people making huge decisions which will take generations to pay for.

This cabinet have got to go!


Which reminds me......where are we up to with that? It didn't make the agenda for the last meeting........

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Quite surprised to read Cllr Chappells post relating to the issue of the BlueBadge being privatised , presume that there is a very good reason for this to be changed .


The Department for Transport has awarded a contract to Northgate Public Services for the development and delivery of the Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS).


What does it take to administer a blue badge? Another private comglomerate building up databases on the UK public. More jobs going down the wire.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, slowly but surely we seem to be tempting a few out again recently, which can only be a good thing!


But I have to say, I am becoming increasingly concerned about Our Glenda.


Not a murmur for quite some time.


Does anybody know if she is OK?


This is highly unusual, and not like her at all to be so quiet.


Glenda, if you read this, I hope all is well with you.

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Hi Folks, thank you Dippy and Flam yes I am well, the reason why I have not posted for 6 weeks is my computer blew up luckily when I was not at home.

It gave me the opportunity to go out on my ward with Belfour Beatty resulting in a lot of work filling in potholes and road resurfacing having been done on Newton Farm and Hunderton after walking round the ward. I have also taking up a case of bullying, and wading through 6 weeks of emails as well as other council work, and helping my constituents. Then last night tried to log on here and It locked me out had to get in touch with Colin.

I have been reading through the posts here and will get round to answering some that I can answer.  Best Wishes,  Glenda

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