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Fire Station Public Meeting

Aylestone Voice

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This is taken from the H&W Fire Service website published Monday 28 April:


Hereford Station consultation event

Hereford residents and business owners are invited to attend an open afternoon and evening at the city’s fire station where plans for replacement premises will be on show.
Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) is looking to replace its current station in St Owen Street with new premises in Bath Street on land presently owned by Herefordshire Council.
The current fire station is in a poor condition and fails to comply with a number of current legislative requirements.
Additionally, the unconventional layout results in a congested, inefficient use of space and does not enable such benefits as community access to be provided. A new station would also allow for essential training facilities on site as well as facilities to encourage the growth of the Young Firefighters Association, providing exciting development opportunities for youth in the city.
Earlier this month the council agreed that it would exchange part of the land at Bath Street with HWFRS so that a new station could be built and the current site in St Owen Street could be redeveloped.
The transfer will also allow HWFRS to develop a modern, centrally located facility within Hereford, which is essential for the protection of the city’s residents.
Anyone interested in attending a ‘drop in session’ on Wednesday 14 May, 2014 can see the proposed plans for the new station and give their feedback prior to planning permission being sought. The event will take place from 2pm to 8pm at the rear of the fire station in St Owen Street. Visitors are requested to access the building via Daws Road. Parking provision will only be available to Blue Badge Scheme holders, due to limited on-site parking.
Still no minutes published of the 26th March Policy & Resources Committee to background of when when decisions were taken. Came across this tucked away.
Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority 
Agenda Item 14
Asset Management Strategy :
Report Title 
Hereford Fire Station  
Resolved that: 
(i) the Policy and Resources Committee approve the proposed arrangement 
between Herefordshire Council and the Fire Authority to provide a new 
fire station in Hereford; and 
(ii) that the Policy and Resources Committee authorise the Chief Fire Officer 
to proceed with the project to completion on terms to be agreed with the 
Treasurer  and  Head  of  Legal  Services  and  in  consultation  with  the 
Chairman of the Fire Authority. 
Not much point in consulting anyone. They have already decided to press on regardless.
Note the next Policy & Resources Committee meeting is on June 2nd, a couple of weeks after their consultation when they will be congratulating one another on another mission accomplished.


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It’s a box ticking exercise - the planning application has to have a 'Statement of Community Involvement', so the applicant holds a very short public meeting, displaying the proposals, for as short a period as possible, in a difficult to access location with no parking. Public consulted - highlight vague feel good statements such as 'providing exciting development opportunities for youth in the city' - comments collated - statement to say they've been considered - box ticked - job done. I'll wager the planning application will be submitted within a couple of weeks.

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With or without an 'e' is right. It's all a bucket of pigswill. They'll say all sorts to win us over. It'll be the finest Fire Station ever built. The slipperiest pole ever constructed and their water will be better water than any water that's ever been used to extinguish a chip pan fire.

They'll also say how desperate their need is to build, never mentioning once that the only reason they're doing it is because that's what public services do whenever they're faced with cuts. They build. They allways do. Reason, sane thinking and commonsense go a flying out of the window when the idea of 'let's bloody build' takes a hold within their minds. It's all a matter of maintaining their own little empire and protecting their little area to p.iss in and that my friends is it. Nothing else!

And when some fool begs the question, 'why is all this so necessary now when we are fiscally knackered', they'll look down their noses, suggest that you don't care about saving life as much as you should care about saving life. You'll be branded a reckless fool for not jumping on the bandwagon and that'll be that.

It's all a pointless excercise and the only reason they're holding this event is to tick some pointless box that'll show that they've been

open, honest and frank in explaining that if they don't build the Fire Station now the old place might fall down leaving the public at risk to a fire that'll destroy half of Hereford and place thousands of lives at risk.

They'll do whatever they want and once they've done it they'll proclaim it all to have been money well spent and within a single Calendar year they'll add, 'it's paid for itself already'. They may even say it'll create a thousand jobs!

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Sadly, it's all true.


Bobby has hit all the nails firmly on the head.




We can still exercise our democratic right to object - whether that be written letters of objection when the plans go in for permission, or something a little more direct.........

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I see there now saying the building is in a poor condition and fails to comply with a number of current legislative requirements?

They didn't say that before


Additionally, the unconventional layout results in a congested, inefficient use of space and does not enable such benefits as community access to be provided. A new station would also allow for essential training facilities on site as well as facilities to encourage the growth of the Young Firefighters Association, providing exciting development opportunities for youth in the city.


1: they have managed for 60years with the layout?

2:enable community access wot do they mean by that?

3:they have training facilities @ present station plus they have a new purpose built training centre in Peterchurch?

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Honestly! They'll say anything and if what they've already said aint enough, they'll say some more until we're all left with our heads spinning wondering why we ever bloody bothered objecting in the first place.

The Records Office! Same bloody thing. Some fools empire was beginning to slip and low and behold, 'thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord! Lets build another bloody one. And while we're at it, lets shove it down Rotherwas where nobody will bother visiting and we'll pretend that if we don't build this new big bloody box all our records will simply melt away, be lost forever and it'll cost us millions to replace the whole bloody lot.

Its all a bag of rats and we are expected to fund these vanity excercises that cost you and I millions that we haven't got. Madness! Complete and absolute madness and its all happening on our watch. Good grief!

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Bobby sometimes your cynicism does depress me and you may be right about egotistic public services. But, and I know you will all say its a done deal, it remains a possibility that consent to knock down the Bath Street buildings can be refused as can the planning application for the new fire station. The Planning Committee does not always do what it is told/recommended even though there is a conservative majority. Are we just going to give up while there is still that chance? To that end we must go to this "consultation" and voice our thoughts and then follow it through with the planning application. Stranger things have happened.

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I agree with Bobby and Two Wheels and I'm afraid poor old Aylestone Voice is being incredibly naive.  As Two Wheels says, it's just a box-ticking exercise.


A few weeks ago, Bovis held a 'public consultation exercise' at the Blind College to unveil their plans for some exec residences on Aylestone Hill.  Lots of people attended, lots of comments were logged and the place was simply crawling with Bovis staff.  The designs were dire: son-of-Basildon-New-Town-60s stuff.  Now the scheme's gone in for planning.  And do you suppose one tiny detail of the scheme exhibited has been changed? 


I won't even bother to tell you the answer, because you know what it is!

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From the Coventry Evening News ...........must be the in thing with the Fire and Rescue Service...........


Members of the public will be able to give their views on the future of Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service as it looks to save £1.3million over the next two years.


The service will hold a series of roadshows in towns over the next few weeks. It says it wants to introduce new ways of working to reflect peak demand from the public in order to achieve the savings.


The first roadshow takes place on Tuesday at the Royal Priors Shopping Centre in Leamington, with further dates at the Ropewalk Shopping centre in Nuneaton on May 14 and Clock Towers Shopping Centre in Rugby on May 15, all from 10am to 2pm.


Coun Les Caborn said: “Demand has changed and the types of incidents the service attends have changed so we need to position the service to give the best response within the resources we have available.â€

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Hereford Times: 3:13pm Wednesday 30th April 2014 in News

Link road inquiry latest: Deals reached with Royal Mail and Jewson

TWO long-running rows over Hereford’s link road project have been resolved this week.
Royal Mail delivered just what Herefordshire Council wanted yesterday to reach an agreement over the road and its impact on car parking at Hereford’s Station Approach sorting office.
Confirmation of the deal was put to the ongoing public inquiry into the road today ahead of Royal Mail’s objections being heard as evidence.
At the time of going to press, the council confirmed a similar deal with builders' merchant Jewsons over the chain’s site off Canal Road. Jewsons was also listed as a long-time objector to the road.
But the inquiry heard plans for a new Hereford police station on the road’s route between Commercial Road and Edgar Street slammed as an “an absolute pipe dreamâ€.
Timothy Jones, for the council, said any new station on the Essex Arms fields – right in the path of the road – were as unrealistic as they were unaffordable.
“The plan for a new HQ is an absolute pipe dream, there is no finance for it and the whole trend now is for police to economise and amalgamate. The land will continue to be underused and detract from the development around it,†he said.
West Mercia Police currently uses the fields for training dogs but the site has long been seen as a future base for a much-needed new police HQ for the county.
In order to build the link road – initially scheduled to alleviate congestion near the Old Market shopping centre – developers would only need a small part of the Essex Arms site.
The council, however, wants the whole site, without which it cannot progress its plans for an 800 home urban village on and around Merton Meadow.
Council planning officer David Nicholson told the inquiry of doubt within the authority as to whether the police plan would ever realistically come forward anyway.
A key element of the council’s agreements with Royal Mail and Jewsons is the allocation of land from the store's site for new sorting office parking.
Earlier this week the inquiry – one of biggest ever held in the county – was told that a number of alternative routes for the road had been ruled out as “not suitable†despite the number of objections to the 130 compulsory purchase orders the council wanted for the favoured option.
The inquiry which began last Wednesday – has already heard from objectors pitching different routes.
However, Chris Oakley, Herefordshire Council’s transport manager, told the inquiry, which began last Wednesday, that while other routes had been considered, the route selected was the “optimal solutionâ€.
Schemes along the inner ring road itself, along the line of Blackfriars Street and Coningsby Street and along the line of Barrs Court Road were, the inquiry heard, all considered during the master-planning process as were different scales of road within the present corridor for the scheme.
The inquiry continues.


Strange that Fire and Police almagamating at Bromsgrove is a good idea, but not in Hereford. News release from West Mercia Police.


Police And Fire Service Move Into Worcestershire’s First Joint Emergency Services Station

The new joint police and fire station on Slideslow Drive, Bromsgrove will replace outdated police and fire stations in the town when the fire service move in today (3 April) followed by police on 7 April 2014.
The station will be the first project delivered under the Worcestershire Capital Asset Pathfinder initiative, which looks at how a partnership approach to public services (for example combining police and fire and rescue services in one location) can lead to better local services, increased value for money and efficiencies through shared services. The project has been funded by the police, with the fire service committed to a 25 year tenancy agreement.
The new site will replace two old police and fire stations which required extensive refurbishment, were expensive to run and would incur increasing costs in the future to maintain. By joining forces, the police and fire brigade have saved an estimated 20% on building costs. The building has been installed with solar panels to contribute to heating and electricity, lighting sensors, heating control system and a sprinkler system, harvesting rain water which provides filtered water to the building.  These installations are expected to cut annual running costs by 25%.
Superintendent Kevin Purcell, North Worcestershire Commander said: “There have been many occasions in recent months including floods and serious fires, where I have had the privilege of working closely with fire and rescue colleagues. They are undoubtedly a top performing service and this new venture cements our already close working relationship.â€
Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Barrie Sheldon said: “Ensuring value for money for residents in Bromsgrove while maintaining high quality, accessible services is very important. Sharing this building with the fire service is a great example of how the force is embracing new ways of working smarter with its partners.â€
Group Commander Mick Cadman of Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said: “We are delighted to be moving our firefighters into this new station – we’re extremely pleased that we will be implementing a new innovative crewing system for our staff at this station.
“We have a very close working relationship with West Mercia Police and look forward to jointly continuing to provide the best possible service to our communities.â€
The official opening of the Bromsgrove Police and Fire Station will take place later in the year.


Wouldn't it make sense to put the two services together on one site. Obviously not in Hereford.

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What a simply amazing piece of good fortune for Geof Hughes and his cohorts!  After more than five years of wrangling, the Royal Mail caves in and neighbouring Jewson agrees to sacrifice part of its yard so the posties' vans vehicles park can be re-located.  All on the eve of the closure of an 8-day Public Inquiry.  What a surprise!


No mention of money in the HT report, however.  Knowing how profligate these buggers are with our money, I wouldn't be surprised if HC's lawyers said to Royal Mail's lawyers: "Here's a blank cheque: just fill in the amount."

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Yes, my first and subsequent thoughts on reading this news were 'how much has this cost us'?  Because, lets face it, the council were over a barrel, as a result of their own stupidity (not for the first time), and the two key players knew it. But weren't Jewson's due to be cleared out anyway? So probably a double pay day for them.

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Oh God! They say he does things for a purpose and who am I to question him but he's doing something to us for a purpose every bloody day. I'd sooner he sent some straightforward heavenly sign that said in clear language, 'I'm going to p.iss on you every day for the next decade', rather than this constant drip, drip, bloody drip, drip of bad news.

It's bloody relentless! There's no end to it. Bloody Council!

Im waking up bloody angry nowadays. Bloody Jarvis! This bloody pay off to Jewsons and the Royal Mail is going to be huge. The only doubt is, how many bloody zero's will we be forced to hand over. It says in the bloody Bible the meek will inherit the earth. Well its a bloody lie. We're the bloody meek and were getting slaughtered.

Im a shell of the man I once was. I used to be someone of importance on the Hereford Times. I did. They'd all read me codswallop and cry, 'long live the King'. Now? It's 'clear off and take this Minus Twenty bloody nine gift with you. Be gone you boring, moaning Barstard'.

Bloody button pressers, bloody Council and God can get stuffed! Every bloody day is like Groundhog Day. A bucket of slime poured over me head, a kick in the testicals and a demand to shut me fat face and stop moaning. Well I ain't saying me Lords Prayer anymore. I've made some personal requests to him and thus far, nothing! Not a single bone has he thrown my way. Jarvis never jumped in the Lugg. Harry ain't for changing course and Pat bloody Morgan's bus shelter is still standing.

Well Jehovah ain't listening and if he ain't listening then I ain't praying any longer. Praying is a two way thing. Thus far, Im doing the praying and he's urinating on our heads. No bloody more!

And worse, she, my rotten wife of forty years. Where's she going tomorrow? Bloody Debenhams and Waitrose. Well I've told her straight, 'don't bring back any food and expect me to eat it because I won't. I'd sooner starve. Im a High Town man. I've always been a High Town man and I refuse to remain wed to a woman who ain't a High Town woman.

There, that's just a slice of what's on me mind and there's plenty more where that pigswill came from!

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Tell the Public what you are going to do - do it - then tell your adoring public what you have done for the benefit of them . Stinks - this Consulant Period costs money - for what - as has been said before - it's tablets of stone .

I have firm belief that nothing will change - the Authorities honestly believe that we are so lacking in intelligence that they can say anything which we , the masses will believe.

Think that they are in for a shock when we ( the retired of this City ) start sitting on the roof of the Working Boys Home prior to their apparent vandalism of the building. Never protested in my long life before but I am looking forward to this one - and my 15 minutes of fame , hopefully the weather is better than now. At my age I am not worried about employment , signing on or anything else other than me and Mrs Ubique - happy days. Hopefully Bobby will hold the ladder and Mrs Ubique and dippyhippy will bring us supplies.

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Have just returned from the consultation. I was the only person there and there were four HWFR personnel in attendance, although someone else was just arriving as I left.


There are two sets of plans on display both identical. HWFR are adamant that the Bath Street site is the only option available to them to satisfy their criteria.


The main criteria is, the station has to be located within the high risk area they have displayed at this consultation. This area is approximately as shown below:




and sited close to their retained firemen - 15 in total.


They insist that they have looked at the Link Road, but they say this is liable to flooding. Rotherwas is outside the risk area. That basically is was what their scheme is built around.


I raised the conservation area issue. I said that if the link road floods and they can't get out what about the housing proposed in this area! I asked what their position would be if they were refused planning permission. No Comment.


The point of this consultation is only about the design of the station. They expect to put in a planning application in July.


The form to send in your comments about the design of the station.



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Been - there 4 other people there whilst I was there. The proposal is even worse than anticipated - a single and two story shed, quite appalling, wouldn't look out of place at Rotherwas, but in the Central Conservation Area - what are they thinking? Told one of the reps it looked cheap and nasty - he said it certainly wasn't cheap! There is a massive training rig at the back - three storeys and a pitched roof, but all open steel frame (the same as they have at Peterchurch)  - that'll be nice for residents in Central Avenue, when they're burning off an old car or two. Terrible - does it 'enhance the conservation area' - specific criteria for such an application - most definitely not. Again, we have to wonder why the rush. I asked the rep - if there was a better site but a two year wait, would you wait? He said yes.

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Yes twowheelsgood appalling looking part of it looks like a shed the other part a leisure centre apparently planning told them they wanted something similar in look to the new magistrates courts building?!

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The main criteria is, the station has to be located within the high risk area they have displayed at this consultation.... and sited close to their retained firemen - 15 in total.

I raised the conservation area issue.



I totally buy into the fact that the Fire Station has to be within the high risk area. I also realise that a new, modern, station will have certain inherent features that would never comfortably fit within a conservation area ... I think that the need to put out fires/respond to other Emergencies might well carry this through as a sort of 'exception' to the rules ... 

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