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    Question Time.

    By Biomech,

    The big problem we have here is that we speak English which is a dominant global language. So it's a lot easier and more beneficial for people to come here than it is Belgium, Italy, Portugal etc where they potentially have to learn a third native language

    Is it just me, or is there more to this?

    By Clarkester,

    I read this in the HT yesterday, and whilst I agree that it is an unacceptable act, I cannot help thinking there is more to the story:



    Woman pushed and racially abused in Hereford car park

    A WOMAN was pushed over and racially abused in a Hereford car park.

    The woman was allegedly approached from behind by a man in Merton Meadow Car Park last Thursday (November 7) at 8.45am.

    The man – described as being in his 20s, about 5ft 10ins tall, of medium build and wearing a Nike hoody and crash helmet – reportedly pushed the woman over and was racially abusive before he drove off on a motorbike, believed to be a black Suzuki.

    PC Tessa Whaley said: “This was an unprovoked racial assault and we would like to speak to anyone who saw it happen, saw a motorcyclist of that description in the area or recognises the man from the description.â€

    Call 101, quoting incident number 150S 061113, with information

    Now, I may well be wrong, but my point is that the assault was more than likely neither racist nor unprovoked.  Speaking as a motorist, scooter rider, cyclist and pedestrian, is it just me that thinks that the lady in question may well have cut-up the motorcyclist or almost knocked him off, without noticing?

    I am not condoning his actions, but having been on the receiving end of some pretty shocking behaviour by motorists, is it not possible that the man in question, lost his temper and decided to let her know what his thoughts on the matter were?

    As I say, I am not condoning his actions, but I think  turning it into a racially provoked attack is a bit uncomfortable in my view.


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    Colin James
    By Colin James,

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    New carpets and vinyls supplied and fitted, with over 40 years experience!

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    This will blow your mind....

    By Biomech,

    I'm sure you'll agree, there are some ways to go about things that are better than others...

    CCTV monitoring hours to be cut

    By Alex,

    Taken from this weeks HT, this is not good news but great for the criminals

    CRIME-fighting CCTV in the county is under threat as cuts of £50,000 in the next year will see a reduction in live monitoring.

    Leominster town councillors were told at a council meeting last week that the monitoring hours for CCTV across the county are to be slashed down to almost half.

    According to Councillor Peter Ellis – who has been liaising with Herefordshire Council about the future provision of CCTV in the county – the current monitoring hours will be cut from 127 hours a week to 69.

    This means that although the cameras will continue to roll consistently, there will not always be someone watching – sparking fears that some crimes could go undetected.

    Funding from Herefordshire Council is to be reduced by £50,000 in 2013/2014 and then a further £32,000 in 2014/2015.

    Debbie Stringer, commissioning officer for CCTV, said the reduction for this year will be covered through funding reserves.

    “Whereas the system will continue to record 24 hours, seven days a week, there is a risk that the level of real-time footage monitoring could be affected,†she said.

    But additional funding has come from an “old friendâ€. West Mercia’s Police and Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore has applied to put an additional £50,000 towards the cost of running CCTV in the county.

    And Herefordshire councillor Peter McCall said that despite the cuts, CCTV – which costs Leominster Town Council £10,000 a year – is “still good value for moneyâ€, adding that the time it saves is “phenomenalâ€.

    He added that the footage can still be replayed to help find an offender.

    Proposals will be implemented from April, subject to negotiations with town councils.

    Herefordshire Council By-Election 7th Nov 2013

    El Lukio
    By El Lukio,

    I had this put through my door yesterday in readiness for local elections in my ward (Tupsley) and I'm truly amazed at the twaddle being pedalled by Jason Kay who is the Conservative candidate.

    With the track record of what the Council has done over the past 12-18 months the spin on this leaflet is just pure lies an untruths.

    I know nothing about Mr Kay only that he owns/runs Aylestone Court Hotel. He will become just another Tory 'yes' man and the commitments he states on the leaflet will mean nothing. We can judge them by their track record which isn't good.

    Anyway, would be good to get others views on this.

    Oh, and in true Herefordshire Council fashion, it was put through my door 3 days after the surgery he held where we could have gone to listen to his oration :)


    Hereford, Uncyclopedia

    By Biomech,

    Whilst it's a little dated, I thought you might enjoy reading this;



    Severe weather Warning!!!

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    The met office has sent out an update on the severe weather  warning issued yesterday. Winds in excess of 70 to 80mph which could bring down trees and cause structual damage across England and Wales leading to power cuts and disruption to transport on Monday morning rush hour traffic.

    Environment Agency warns of surface water flooding incidents across most of England with forecasters predicting 20 to 40mm rain fall Sunday within 6-9 hours.The met office has issued an Amber warning meaning "be prepared" this is a developing situation and they advise people to stay up to date with forecasts and warnings over this weekend, and be prepared to change their plans". They describe the storm as "not one you see every year" and said the expected wind strengths would be similar to storms in March 2008, January 2007 and October 2000. It has also said that people should have things in place to protect themselves and their property.

    Courtyard Comedy Club Curry

    By H.Wilson,

    Coming to Comedy Club at the Hereford Courtyard Theatre? Then why not take advantage of our Curry Night and make a proper night of it? Whenever there’s a Comedy Club The Cafe Bar rustle up a delectable meat and veggie curry with rice or naan bread to ticket holders for £8. If you want to be sure you don’t miss out – people who like laughing seem to like their curry! – and you fancy a 25% discount then book in advance by calling the Box Office and get your curry at £6, either when you book your tickets, or just add it on after. The next one is November 4th when Andy Parsons is on stage, should be a great night.



    Recycling Aluminium Foil?

    By philbates,

    Can any one out there tell me where aluminium foil, aluminium trays etc, can be recycled? I e-mailed the council a few months ago with this question and received a standard long winded reply which in a long winded way said, we don't do it and no real reply to the question why not, it seems criminal that in this day and age we are throwing valuable metals into landfill. I could take it down to Portsmouth, my home town where it can be recycled through a church charity but it is not often that I get down there.

    Perfect Solution For Hereford Traffic

    Frank Smith
    By Frank Smith,

    I have been working on this for a long time folks and well today is the day to reveal my fantastic idea, it is so good that I am sure that Hereford Council will won't to buy it immediately because they are that STUPID! anyway this is my solution to the traffic in Hereford and in particular the junction at Asda, I am positive that Colin James will help me to promote it so what do you think?


    Just in time for Christmas too  :Happy_32:

    Councillor's Monthly Surgery

    Chris Chappell
    By Chris Chappell,

    I hold my monthly councillor's 'Surgery' on Friday, 25th October, at Challenge Community Church, Belmont Road, Hereford. If you have a problem I may be able to help or know someone who can.

    No need to make an appointment, just turn up between 5pm - 6pm. You can of course, contact me at any time if you need assistance. Tel: 01432 355224 or 07720869172. or email; cchappell@herefordshire.gov.uk

    Chris Chappell

    St. Martins & Hinton Ward

    False Widow Spider in Forest of Dean School

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    A school has been forced to close because of an outbreak of Britain's most venomous spider.

    The Dean Academy, in the Forest of Dean, said it "had identified an issue with false widow spiders" in its ICT block and other areas of the site.

    A letter from vice principal Craig Burns to parents said the school would be shut on Wednesday to be fumigated.

    Conservationists believe a change in the climate could be the cause of an increase in sightings of the species.


    From the BBC website 

    Domestic Violence, let's fight it

    Chris Chappell
    By Chris Chappell,

    Posters, the week of 25th November is world week against domestic violence.

    You may have read in the HT this week that of all crimes in the county are down, except Domestic Violence which has had an increase in the last 6 months in Herefordshire.


    Domestic violence is one of the worst crimes to commit against another person. Women across Herefordshire are being treated with comptempt, physically and mentally. It effects children and others in the family. Domestic violence is happening in a house near you as you read this. So what are you doing about it?


    Cllr Liz Chave and I want to take the opportunity in November, of highlighting the problem but we need your help. I am not an organiser but am sure that some posters are and can help to bring to this problem to the surface. 'The Wife' implies ownership, slavery, contempt. You can hear it said almost any where in the county, but who questions this phrase? I suspect most posters hate bullies as much as I do and those who commit domestic violence are bullies.

    Have you got any ideas what we can do in Herefordshire to highlight the problem of domestic violence?

    Councillor Russell B Hamilton to resign from midnight tonight

    By megilleland,
    From the Hereford Times today:


    Councillor Russell B Hamilton to resign from midnight tonight

    4:42pm Monday 30th September 2013 in News By Bill Tanner


    THE councillor with the county’s future in his hands has called it quits – with immediate effect.


    Herefordshire Council has just confirmed that Councillor Russell B Hamilton, cabinet member for environment, housing and planning, will resign as both a cabinet member and ward councillor from midnight tonight.


    Rumours of Coun Hamilton’s decision started circulating the council’s Brockington HQ last Friday.


    In his cabinet role, Coun Hamilton was responsible for the council’s core strategy plan dictating development patterns - including house and road building -  in the county up to 2031.


    That plan pitches 16,500 new homes, a western bypass for Hereford, and around 148 hectares of land being opened up for business expansion.


    Council leader Councillor Tony Johnson said he was “saddened†at Coun Hamilton’s decision.


    “He is without doubt the hardest working councillor serving at present.  I think it is unlikely that the people of Herefordshire will ever understand the difference he has made for them over the past few years.


    “At a personal level he has been a great friend not just to me but to the officers with whom he has worked.  His dedication and friendship will be missed,†said Coun Johnson.


    Plans are already being drawn up for a by-election in Pontrilas.

    Grass cutting by Hereford Council could be reduced next year

    By megilleland,


    From Hereford Times website today:


    GRASS cutting could be reduced in Ledbury and the county in the next financial year as Herefordshire Council looks to balance its books.

    And fears are growing that Ledbury Town Council will be asked to pick up the town’s grass-cutting bill – leading to a rise in its council tax demands.
    Though no firm decision has been made as yet, the possibility that the county might stop cutting grass was flagged up by Coun Liz Harvey, a Herefordshire councillor for Ledbury, at a recent town council meeting.
    Now some town councillors are concerned the council might be required to take on the grass-cutting services for Ledbury’s verges and green spaces, a task that is currently carried out by Herefordshire Council contractor Balfour Beatty.
    Coun Tony Bradford said he heard a year ago from an Amey officer – the company that was the authority’s previous contractor – that grass cutting could be axed as a cost-cutting measure and he was not surprised by Coun Harvey’s information.
    He said: “The philosophy of Herefordshire Council seems to be that Ledbury Town Council will take on this extra responsibilty and charge extra for it on our precept. That would not be a fair burden.â€
    Coun Harry Bramer, Herefordshire Council’s cabinet member for contracts, said of Balfour Beatty’s duties in the next financial year: “I think it very unlikely that they will cut grass to the same levels as they do now.â€
    He said that under budgetry constraints, it could be argued that looking after the county’s vulnerable young people and the elderly was more important than cutting grass but he said that no firm decision concerning the levels of grass cutting in 2014/2015 had been made.


    I have often raised the standard of grass cutting on our estates. It is aleady neglected to the point of being an eyesore and useless for recreation purposes. How much are the council going to save on their £200 million contract with Balfour Beatty over the next 10 years. Here is a reminder of the functions they are contracted to undertake. We should expect a reasonable service.



    The ten-year contract which covers highways maintenance and improvement works, street lighting, street cleaning, as well as responsibility for public rights of way, and parks and open spaces is due to start on 1 September 2013.

    Andrew McNaughton CEO of Balfour Beatty said: “This exciting opportunity to work with Herefordshire County Council further strengthens our position in the local authority services sector.
    “We are dedicated to delivering an effective, efficient, sustainable and customer focused service for the county which we will achieve through flexible delivery, innovation, and staff development.â€
    The full list of core services for which Balfour Beatty will be responsible include:
    Highways management services
    Highways maintenance and improvement work
    Traffic controls systems maintenance
    Street lighting
    Street cleaning
    Public rights of way
    Parks and open spaces
    Fleet management transformation services
    Highways asset management


    Hereford Voice Welcomes Our Latest Councillors

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I would like to personally welcome Councillor Paul Rone and Councillor Chris Chappell to Hereford Voice. I sincerely look forward to your interaction with our members and to you hopefully joining in the various discussions. 


    You will see that we have several other Councillors here some are more active than others but the more we have the better.

    Fireworks spectacular on Castle Green - Saturday 2 November

    By twowheelsgood,

    • 5.30pm Gates open
    • 6.00pm Fire performers
    • 7.00pm Children's lantern procession
    • 7.30pm Fireworks display (No private fireworks or sparklers)
    • Come for your supper;
    • Pim's Thai Food
    • Friends Café - hot dogs
    • Barrels Beer Tent

    Wristband entry only, available from;
    Outback Records, Church Street or St James CE Primary School, Vicarage Rd, (1- 3pm, cash or chq only), tel 273961.
    Adults £6 in advance (£8 on the night)
    Children £4 in advance (£6 on the night)

    A family friendly community event raising funds for St James CE Primary School PTFA building fund and Friends of Castle Green.

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