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Herefordshire locality stewards celebrate first year

Colin James

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Herefordshire locality stewards are celebrating a year of significant success as they mark their first year anniversary. 

The ground-breaking team, launched by Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) for Herefordshire Council, has taken huge strides to improve local roads and public open spaces.
The 13 locality stewards, who cover every ward in the county, have raised more than 32,000 jobs to fix problems from potholes to blocked gullies and dangerous trees to litter picking.
Cllr Paul Rone, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “The locality steward team has made a really positive impact since they started working across Herefordshire last year. The stewards are very knowledgeable about their localities and have developed a good understanding of local needs and priorities. They provide a valuable link between the service delivered by BBLP, Councillors, Parish Councils and the community.”
In the past 12 months the team has inspected more than 12,000 miles of local roads to inform the Council’s two-year, £20 million road maintenance programme. Now in its final year, BBLP is on track to fix more than 67,000 potholes and complete resurfacing more than 120 miles of roads.
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When they collect the leaves behind my house that haven't been collected for years then I might take some notice. While they're about it can they remove that tree they felled and then forgot about? More a BB moan really .... But when you get talking about getting a 'Lenghtsman' you are going back into the 1800's ..... Desperate times .... 

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I posted a "complaint" on the council website back in May concerning the state of the pavement outside my house and the neighbouring houses. I did this as there are three elderly ladies living here and one, at 92, finds it so difficult to walk on the pavement that she walks in the road! Nothing has been done and no-one has been in touch, even to say we are not interested. Does anyone know who the locality steward is for Bobblestock Ward or do I have to contact the local councillor - Mayor Charles Nicholls.

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