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Hereford Skills Club for children with Autism

Denise Lloyd

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I have just seen this over on Facebook yet another very worthy cause struggling with funding - what on earth is going to happen to these poor young people who need extra help? 


Herefords Skills Club for kids with Autism may have to close due to lack of funding! They will be holding a table top sale in December and are hoping for any kind of fund raising ideas or offers! Anything we could make a hamper up with to raffle? Any unwanted items for the table top sale? Anyone with a business willing to donate a prize for raffle or auction?

Any help at all would be very very welcome. This club is entirely funded through charity, and has in the past been saved by Children In Need, but we can't rely on that!!
Please help if you can, share away!!
Sincerely, Thank you. x

Click here to support Skills Club - children with Autism by Rachael Noble
Skills Club Herefordshire is a not-for-profit group that runs a weekly Skills Club for young people from the ages of 8 to 19 with high functioning Autism. We aim to teach our young people the valuable skills they need to live as independently as possible upon transition to adulthood; cooking, mon...



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I get deluged with Charity requests daily. Through the door, on the telephone, in the Post, on the TV and you can't get about 3 feet out of Lime Street Railway Station without a 'Big Issue' request. All getting too much for my brain to handle .... All getting too much .... 

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Autism is fascinating. A guy I know has savants, but you can't have a conversation with him. Good a quizzes tho.

All the best Denise, some charities deserve funding.

Roger I work for a charity. How do you think they pay me the pittance I get, for the demanding work I do?

I'm assuming you don't watch anything but BBC on tv as the rest are full of adverts?

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Sadly this country is propped up now by charities.  Probably more now than ever.  Some of the charities are absolutely excellent giving what should be in a civilised country automatically offered by the government - Hospice - support of disabled young people and their families - support of injured serviceman - Air Ambulance and so on.  As has been clearly demonstrated their are questionable charities with hidden agendas which is a shame and muddies the water for well meaning honest charities.  


Roger stop and think what would this country be like without these good charities? I personally cannot imagine

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