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  1. I did not think you were allowed to put barbed wire across the top of a fence! This is in case some bad boy/girl tries to climb over and harms theirselves
  2. Gosh I expect those flats have a few tales to tell I did not realise the Church was going as well
  3. "When all is said and done I think following on from this weather that we are all experiencing (and we do not know if it will always be like this in future) far greater emphasis is going to have to be placed on the Flood Risk Assessment. This is going to have to take into account the extreme conditions that we are experiencing. So many homes are already suffering terribly in this country(and my sympathies go out to them) concreting over vast parts of the countryside is only going to exacerbate the situation. It is all very well looking at pretty pictures of how a development might look on a su
  4. Yes I have received one and I am going to have so much fun completing it!!
  5. Well that's the Aylestone Hill PA sorted. Does that statement also include roads that join the A465?
  6. Yes same here I have worked and saved all my life. Saved so that I could retire/go part time. When I really needed some benefit for just under a year my savings were too great for me to qualify for anything. But having said that we have the NHS unlike many countries and for that I will always be truly grateful.
  7. I think these 2 fields are under water at the moment will they be building houses on stilts?
  8. Well I think it was a named vote so it will say on the Minutes who voted where. These meetings are all so contrived the outcome is known before it is voted on.
  9. Glenda VP gets repeatedly shot down for her views but at least she is one of the few Councillors who dares to put her head above the parapet. I do not know for sure which party she represents I am not that interested. What does interest me is the state of Hereford City and Hereford County. This lady works damned hard for the good of her area and she does not class her work as a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job. This sniping at her every time she makes a comment that perhaps you guys don't agree with is disgraceful behaviour.
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  11. Because the powers that be decided to make Hereford something it is not and never will be. It was a small market town/city and that fact should have been built on not try to turn it into a large shopping centre with abysmal infrastructure. Now Hereford just looks like a dump and is a dump.
  12. Allpay is the way lovely local company great speed
  13. The Lively family come from Eaton Bishop so local a definite yes. I think he runs Wathens newsagents if it is still there. I rarely do town so don't really know what is open and what is shut.
  14. http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/Launch.aspx?PBID=dc32413c-ad71-48a4-a58e-227403742d81 Read front page of the Hereford Journal to find the whereabouts of this fund
  15. Having been a victim of the Belmont Road traffic for more years than I care to remember and observing other drivers the one thing that really clogs the traffic up are those drivers who think they are above sitting in traffic and shoot up at the Tesco roundabout and drop down either opposite Macdonalds or just past the Oval. People who have been sat in the traffic in Belmont Road being mostly courteous then stop and allow these drivers into the flow of traffic. There should be no right turn at certain times of the day. Because of time restraints I now travel the Bridge Sollars road. To those
  16. And they want to build a possible 89 houses at Peterchurch/185 houses at Kingstone/there's a hint there is a PA lurking at Madley for 90 houses and then there is it 89 at Belmont a quick calculation is a total of 453 houses could be at least the same number of cars trying to get into Hereford each morning - oh please.
  17. Sadly the council decision making is not so emasculated as to approve a massively unpopular, inappropriate, proposal at Kingstone, by Archihaus
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