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  1. Not sure there were 70 people there. Maybe so if you include the Play staff and the candidates entourages. I'd count around a dozen non aligned audience. Youth attendance was a little sparse! Murph was brilliant hosting, the sound equipment was unreliable and the candidates gave a good try at electioneering (specially Jesse). Jim Kenyon stood out for me, he gave the impression of being knowledgeable and active for Herefordshire. Before you decide who you want to vote in as our mp take a look at the policies on the websites - "policiesnotparties.com" and "voteforpolicies.org.uk" Incredibly interesting reading.
  2. Much appreciated Dippy :O) Very grateful for any help given. Good to be in touch again Dippy.
  3. This link should work - http://www.bigenergyrace.org/teams Thanks for reading and thanks too if you decide to help us out.
  4. We need your help please. If you have an email address, can use the computer and can click to fill in some simple surveys (Do you agree this statement etc), then you can help Hereford win £20,000 of local grants. Once you register it is simple to focus on gaining the points. You may already have heard about this "Big Energy Race". If not, the Big Energy Race is a countrywide competition with the prize being £20,000 of energy grants for the winning area. hEnergy people have entered for Hereford and we are currently 2nd overall. Our team is called the hEnergy hat throwers. I know it is a marketing ploy backed by the big companies - which is why I want Hereford to win and take the grants from them! Lancashire is currently first and we only have a few days to go to the end of March. Please help! Log on, register and have a go for Hereford please. The links won't work for me - Search Google for "Big Energy Race" and sign up to our team please.
  5. Really enjoyed the "Work and Worth" article. Anyone seen any noble cabinet members in Hereford? Would one of them resign if they suspected any untoward dealings by the executive council officers?
  6. dippyhippy cheers for that - what a laugh! I've no room for a big black bin - I returned their notification back to them to say as much. No-one replied surprisingly (hahaha). I don't want one either, as I already have a small metal dustbin. I'm just waiting for one to arrive (or not). Will I be forced to have one? Could I wheel it away in the middle of the night and hopefully lose it, if they manage to leave one. Bin wars - love it!!!
  7. I have come to the conclusion the new pedestrian Shared Space crossing arrangements on Newmarket Street are not safe through bitter experience. When crossing with young children to the cinema it is anxiety ridden as the staggered crossing and lack of kerbs or barriers are confusing. No warning is given to vehicle drivers to beware of pedestrians, so drivers may not be as pedestrian friendly as we'd like. As a driver I've noticed the 20mph limit is ignored by many drivers. As a cyclist the narrow lanes and changed priorities, which allow turns onto Widemarsh Street, are difficult to negotiate and complicated. Cars want to pass when the room is not there and keeping safe is a problem. Yesterday I was in the car travelling towards Franklin House and saw a driver do a U turn straight across the pedestrian area between the bike stands! Anyone know if there are any plans to improve it?
  8. Anyone heard feedback from their observations on the fire station public consultation? I haven't had an acknowledgement.
  9. It all makes sense to me now. Well, in an odd way. Cllr Price on ITV a few weeks ago, at the "Old Market" as we all lovingly call it now, saying how the council had provided this new shopping mall and Hereford would now attract business investment, being known for it's security industry and food. ( Yes food?). Hereford Beef maybe but food? Strange. Pat Morgan is now promoting the new (catchily named) Friday Food weekly market in Commercial Road. Bramer has paled up with a chap, Ian Archer, who did Hull's 2017 successful bid for city of Culture, who coincidentally happens to be working at the Courtyard and together they have produced this cockamamy idea. We all know Bramer would have had this idea without the input of his new best mate ( sarcasm). I'd really love it to happen and hope I'm proved wrong but it's beyond ridiculous and just makes me laugh. There's mention of a new quango consortium organisation, (their favourite thing as it's usually a vehicle to hide where the money goes), and the promotion is full of all the sustainable regeneration buzz words "supporting cultural diversity and cohesion, and creating demonstrable economic impact through investment and innovation". What a farce!
  10. Biomech I agree. The cut grass has rotted into clumps and killed the "bottom grass" near me. All that's thriving now are dandelions and weeds. All the money and work put into all the grass areas in the past has been wasted by this stupidity. The dog mess falls into the long grass and becomes a health hazard as people stop picking it up when they can't find it. Went to a local playground with neglected grass and watched the children trying to run through the jungle. They couldn't kick a ball on it either it was so long. Why is this happening months after BB take over? I've read money from Amey? ran out and can't be afforded anymore but I simply don't understand, probably like most others. The contract is with BB and presumably signed off quid pro quo with (hopefully) some professionalism. There must be more to this running down of services than meets the eye as it is utter stupidity and no-one could be that stupid, especially if you are in "the job".
  11. ps have you noticed the new crazy poster on Hereford Times? - Rev.JohnnyElder - he isn't King Bobby47 though but has hit a new height of weirdishness.
  12. sad day Dippy please be kind enough to pass my thanks to Bobby for all the wonderful entertainment provided to us all, for the brilliant efforts made and for the warm wishes freely given. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Bobby here's a big smacky kiss goodbye
  13. I really regret doling out personal criticism to Cllr Price. Although I didn't ask him to book himself a PR slot on the ITV news today He must be doing his very very best for Herefordshire. Surely there is someone more suitable for the job - now, not in 2015 - I shudder at the prospect of yet another 12 months of this incompetence.
  14. Philip Price interviewed standing by ESG on ITV news Midlands today. How embarrassing. Hereford wants to attract business and has food and security service as the main attraction to businesses, according to Cllr Price. Foodies alert!! Typical! The same old same old food chains attract foodies? Pull the other one! Must be joking! (shaking head) I honestly think he really believes these food chains are something special. He is showing Herefordians up as if we were ignorant country yokels - which we certainly are not. The new chains Nandos etc are welcome here for people who enjoy that kind of choice for eating out, but none of us think they will attract visitors. May as well advertise the two MaccyDs!? Sadly, the ESG looked dull, soul-less and pretty poor on the big screen. The elusive 800 new homes due to be on the site were also mentioned. Introduction explained livestock market moved to Roman Road as it was hard to access for farmers. The ease of access to the new shops and cafes was not touched on.
  15. This is the "survey" the fire service emailed - is redacted and messy 16 04 14 Hereford Station Feasibility Study - Whole Document (1).pdf
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