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  1. Good to see a sensible editorial comment in HT re the western road to facilitate house building. The facts are there for all to see who can be bothered to read the various reports over the years. This poor attempt at a bypass was more to do with house building that would end with worse traffic issues on Whitecross Rd Three Elmes Rd and Kings Acre Rd. Bypasses by their very nature should bypass not be a link to house building. Also the plan was to build the bridge over the Wye last, so at least 5 to 7 years in the future leaving developers free to use the road for purely house building. Hopefully now plans will develop to build an Eastern bridge first to ease the issues in the City. Electric buses can be purchased and the light rail can be looked at. Hereford has taken to the Berly bikes better than expected. The County is moving in the right direction on a transport front the new administration is a breath of fresh air after years of neglect.
  2. And I wouldn't trust any un elected ex politician
  3. You know what to do stand for election yourself very simple.
  4. Comedy Gold Glen, enjoy your Bank Holiday.
  5. Sue DOES NOT have to resign from the City Council. Parish Council matters DO NOT have to go the Unitary authority. You are very much confused or unaware.
  6. And your wrong again, Ellie has been interviewed this morning and will remain as a County Councillor and Cabinet member as she is entitled to do.
  7. GLEN Sue remains a City Councillor which as you should know is a Parish Council. She is no longer a County Councillor as she immediately resigned. The papers to call a by election were issued by the Unitary authority on May 10th. There are currently two vacancies on the County Council one in Ross one in Whitecross. Once again Sue is no longer a County Councillor but she is a City Councillor. I hope this clears up your confusion.
  8. Lets hope the Eton Banking Masonic party are now broken beyond repair. Emily Thornberry admitted Jezza and Lab had backed the wrong horse.
  9. A Parish Councillor is entitled to work for the Unitary authority.
  10. For your information Glen .... Sue is still a City Councillor.
  11. Whoever you vote fall the Govt will always get in. Think about it.
  12. Perhaps we should have another election if people don't like the result of this one? Imagine if we were told lies and voters believed them! What we should do is allow MPs to whittle down to two candidates then allow approximately 125000 people in their 70s to choose the next PM. Don't you just love democracy?
  13. You should never vote Tory. All Tories care about are their Eton Banking Masonic Elite.
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