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  1. You should never vote Tory. All Tories care about are their Eton Banking Masonic Elite.
  2. Just to point out and this is the problem with the UKs voting system. If 100 people were in a room only 37 voted for Brexit. The problem is this and my Polish and Portuguese friends agree. The European Economic Community turned into a Federal Government headed up by Germany and France. No good will come of this Vanity project caused by Cameron to try and save the arse of the Tories. British politics is now broken with the Left and Right split into many factions.
  3. The time has come for politics to be taught correctly in UK schools, so that young people feel engaged and understand the importance of their role in society. Of course the Cons do not want that to happen, they want the elite taught at Eton and the banking mogul's to carry on keeping the 'riff raff' at the bottom of the pile. The Tory right wing press rail against Corbyn with real venom where is the balance. The Brexit party are ruling the BBC airwaves, once again no balance. The dinosaur parties of left and right are broken. I will leave you with this thought 75% of Americans believe it is wrong that the Arabic numbering system is taught in US schools.
  4. I hope you tell him where to go
  5. Intrigued as to why you wouldn't work with any of them as you will achieve nothing on your own.
  6. The Con for Widemarsh lives in the Forest of Dean allegedly works at Wiggins
  7. Thanks for the reply, a persons personal opinion re Brexit I'm sure has no relevance on their role as a volunteer as a Parish councillor or even as a County councillor.
  8. Come on Cambo what has Brexit got to do with local Council elections?
  9. Fake news and lies in this too
  10. The former Rockfield site was purchased for 6 million, a major sewer runs under the site hence the prefabricated student block. Please dont vote Tory and Libs May 2nd
  11. Mark is standing for City only
  12. High Town leases per sq foot most expensive in the City. Most premises in the City Centre are owned by pension Companies.
  13. You are getting your Herefordshire Independents confused with your Independent Independents. Some of the Independent Independents are working with the Alliance others are ploughing their own furrow.
  14. Been told her campaigning in Widemarsh is very negative slagging off the Herefordshire Alliance candidates across the City. And her leaflet has been written by Hans Christian Anderson.
  15. Kath is standing at City in Tupsley. Reason for not standing at County in Tupsley is to help the Herefordshire Alliance as many Tories out as possible.
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