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  1. Well said bobby there is one thing that people have to bear in mind and that is before we came into the common market / eu how we were as a nation.My mother brought up four children while fruit picking and working on the potato harvest many women with children did this and the farmers used to pick them up and take them home a great income for women with children in those day's.During the summer holiday's they could take there children with them on the farms,so when i see Farmers complaining in the way they do makes me sick they complain about how they are affected they are all badly treated wh
  2. This is a complete cock up from day one to add to this yesterday the new parking meters where being used i went to get my haircut and park in st john street and no cars where there.I use the barbers at the back of the Boothall and the hairdresser told me i was only the third customer of the day at 12.30,because of the new meters and she is very worried about her future.After i went for a cup of coffee and ended up talking to some tourist from Cheshire who come to the city for a day out 3 or 4 times a year,and what they said summed up the city . They will not bother again as the traffic congest
  3. Health bosses have decided to close Hereford's walk-in-medical centre at Asda despite fears that it could affect the most vulnerable people in the area. The county's Clinical Commissioning Group - CCG - will replace it with the current Moorfield House surgery and the out of hours service where people can get treatment in the evening and at weekends. They say they'll give additional funding to local GP surgeries to make sure people can get appointments. The changes will happen at the end of July.
  4. And Surrey is one of the most expensive places to live in the country and a salary is on average 25% more than Hereford
  5. Well it just goes to show that the people elected into positions that are supposed to allow them to make decisions on the behalf of the local residents are either educated beyond there intelligence or complete and utter idiots. Does Colin have to draw a picture and put it in the hand.The pictures Colin posted last winter are enough.I think the reason they do not want to spend the money ? is there another white elephant in the offing for the parish.
  6. I am sorry for the spelling error which seems more important than the issue at hand.Anyone who has been at the Newtown roundabout at 5pm will know what it is like from a traffic point of view and to have a one way system through the xmas period will no doubt make a huge impact on traffic.On a saturday during a normal week is bad enough we will see congestion on a large scale when this starts.
  7. It was on the BBC 1 local news last night.
  8. From the 10th october to mid January from newtown roundabout to Blackfriers ST it will be one way only because of development work for the housing and new road.Just read it on Bulls news.
  9. They have already had a overhaul of the Benefit system that's why the Tories are called the nasty Tories.They are causing hardship to a lot of people why do you think food banks are open now. They needed to be overhauled but not the way they have gone about it.Try living on £70.00 a week for 3 people.And for Disabled parking spaces there is not enough and it makes me angry when people who are not disabled park in them.
  10. I agree with Roger.Everyone is moaning on here about the BRPC having all this money but if you do not attend the meetings and ask for the things which need doing they won't know what to spend the money on.Also hasn't Councillor Edwards got a ride on mower why buy another one.
  11. The same people that lied to everyone about weapons of mass destruction are the same people that forgot to tell you Sadam and gadaffi wanted to change the price of oil from dollars per barrel to a gold standard rate.Gadaffi had invested the oil money in the country everyone had a job excellent housing Sadam was i accept a bit tough,He did keep the tribes in there place to prevent what you see today.I do not see you mention Saudia Arabia who have been bombing shia's for years and beheading a dozen shia's a month you all seem to forget that. But then again it is not reported in the mainstream me
  12. This is what happens when Blair and Bush tell lies the west has intervened into affairs that do not concern them apart from financial gain to the few.Do not forget ISIS the ringleaders are mercenaries paid to do what they do.Who paid them and armed them british and U.S .And now that Turkey has started to do what it had been planning for some time it is heads up to the world.As soon as Turkey stops Russia using it's ocean then all hell will break loose.
  13. We have just come back from a holiday to North Wales as soon as you come out of Herefordshire into Wales there are hardly any potholes the roads are lovely.So why is it they can keep the roads in such good condition and Hereford can't.They should employ the firm who maintain the roads in Wales.And now they have made redundancies I should think the roads are going to get a lot worse.
  14. Because of being in the EU contractors do have a problem and that is the strict guidelines imposed on them they cannot just turn up and repair a job.They have strict protocol one being chapter 8 which all the staff have to be trained in this is so that when for example the problem in the picture at three elms is . Under chapter 8 they have to carry out a risk assessment how much signage do they need do they need traffic control how many members of staff required how long will it take to complete the job yes all that and it goes on and on.The staff do not like it but that is EU regulations if t
  15. Great news a new start for this country Herefordshire voted out.
  16. There has been a level of corruption within the council for many years and uncovering it is the problem.When you have more than half a dozen public servants with there fingers in the pie it compounds the issue. we do have a legitimate right to know what is happening in the Peter Robinson affair.Why has our MP decided not to get involved might well be everyone turning up at his next surgery and get him to work on the public's behalf.
  17. This is another reason why we need a by-pass to take main road traffic around the city not through the middle.
  18. Under the proceeds of crime act i cannot see why the property is not taken by the council and sold and the money from the sale split between the council and mortgage company. As it stands the sentence is a joke and insult to honest working people.
  19. Typical of Hereford council, for example the new link road running through the football ground car park all the parking that will be lost, where is the lost revenue going to come from. Also there will be a big demise in the city for business because people will have nowhere to park Phil Edwards and Chris Chappell both supported the Link road which in practical terms is not going to solve any traffic issues.The fact of the matter is it will make it worse because of the amount of housing being built around it.This council and those before are no doubt educated beyond there intelligence they have
  20. We are the same we did a postal vote a few weeks ago and both voted out.So all this campaigning is getting on our nerves.
  21. Excellent letter it is nice to know that the older generation know what it was like before Ted heath took us into the common market. To be run by un-elected members we never voted for ask all the in voters if they can see the expences accounts and the reply will be a flat no. Not one of our mp's can tell you either and they talk about democracy more like Nazi politics to me.
  22. http://bullsnews.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/city-link-road-event-at-starlight-rooms.html A drop in event on the plans for the new link road is being held at the Starlight rooms at 12 noon tuesday June 14th
  23. The Air Ambulance landed at the open space land at rise T 8.15pm today i think something happened in the waterfield road area does anyone know.
  24. With my experience of going from Tesco Belmont to the Hereford Worcester road today the S.L.R. is not going to improve anything just an excuse to build more housing in an area that is a bottleneck will be compounded by more housing.
  25. As my husband said it was a great day out at wembley a story of 2 halfs could have been 3 up inside the first 20 minutes or should have been the noise the fans made was out of this world he caught the coach at ross at 0640 and got back home at 2040 long day but a memory that cannot be taken away. also £5 FOR A PINT £4 FOR A HOT DOG that is wembley glad he took his own food and drink.
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