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Christmas is fast approaching and the 'cost of living crisis' is particularly challenging for small businesses, with this in mind, like we do most years, Hereford Voice are again offering FREE ADVERTISING for local independent businesses throughout December and the festive period. 


And today's guaranteed predicted follow up is!!! 🥁Drum role please... 🥁


Ta da! This one took the little fella a bit longer, 11 minutes.

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Ah here is one we missed! 

We have always promoted the Christmas Tractor Runs and they gain a lot of attention which caught the eye of other local pages..anyway is all good festive fun so again this year we're giving them a good shout out 


It only took 24 minutes to catch on...🚜 Ho ho ho



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On 13/11/2023 at 09:00, Hereford Voice said:

Let's start the week with a positive Police Dog article!! 


13 minutes later...

Someone else liked our dog theme.. still good to know Hereford Voice is the first go-to place for articles and ideas, we're  clearly 'Leading The Way' :Happy_32:


It is so obvious, did not realise it was this bad oh my god. I have noticed they copy lots of stuff including using similar words, all very bizarre but just take it as a compliment, struggling to find their own content, so resort to using Hereford Voice as their source of information. Must have alerts set up 🧐

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Let's talk about the highly controversial Lidl planning application (remember when we originally broke the news and other pages said it was all rumours as they had spoken with the hotel... 🤔)

Anyway, this application ended up having to go to a full planning committee 


This topic 👇 that followed just 18 minutes later was a pure coincidence of course..




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Can you believe that some people drive cars like this beauty and don't insure it? Anyway the Police seized it, which made for a good night story 😀


What is even better is that even though they missed this last night, they soon jumped on it this morning 😉


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