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  1. It will be really good to have a bakery back in the city centre. I miss The Oven Door that used to be in High Town and that lovely smell of fresh bread 🙂
  2. This has got to be a joke right? How much is that chairperson going to receive I wonder?
  3. Let's place our homeless in bogs and migrants in hotels, something seriously flawed here.
  4. he hee I wonder if he would have put money on it being passed, Oh no, I forget he is an ex gambling attention seeking gaylord
  5. That stefany is an odd-bod, so reading this lot sums it right up. To be honest I'm glad you call it out, far too arrogant and possibly a few things hidden in the closet too 🤐
  6. People should be find and dealt with properly for throwing litter imo
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