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  1. Having viewed the whole meeting this evening it is abuntently obvious to me that Bruce Baker was in complete agreement from the start of it being approved and also I noted how much the chairman was bullying every person that objected, funny that. What are mockery 🤔
  2. Sounds about right for that odd bod.
  3. It is so obvious, did not realise it was this bad oh my god. I have noticed they copy lots of stuff including using similar words, all very bizarre but just take it as a compliment, struggling to find their own content, so resort to using Hereford Voice as their source of information. Must have alerts set up 🧐
  4. Aaah, I wondered what was going on there the other day when I passed.
  5. I agree, the benefit system in the UK needs a complete overhaul
  6. Yes its could of been a lot better. I thought all the shops were open until 8pm which made this complex stand out from high town, glad I now know that is not the case, so this place is nothing special after all then.
  7. Your going to give Colin a heart attack with headlines like these lol
  8. There has never been a cashpoint this side of the Butter Market, i have always been dumb founded that there was never cashpoints installed in Maylord Orchards
  9. I wondered what was going on. It's about time they knocked these old flats down, I wish that they would do the same at the Oval and rebuild with new, can't believe that the council are not doing that because they are frightened that the shops will not come back! Not a lot of confidence then...
  10. My mum had her metal gate stolen last year, I think they are selling them for scrap and getting the money, unbelievable really.
  11. The floods have been terrible, one minute they are up and the next they are down and it has been like that more or less since xmas. I love the old bridge hdr photo.
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