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It's all just a coincidence..


Just 4 mins later..


We could not wait to let local people know that the Christmas lights were being installed! 


It took only 20 minutes for people to find out. Good to see that our news travels so fast.


Maybe it was just a coincidence..but wait it happened again the following year 🤔


9 minutes later..


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We noticed this shocking story from from BBC Hereford & Worcester about a homeless man in Malvern having his guitar stolen while he slept


Someone else noticed it just 18 minutes later too.


The good news is that the culprit was found by the police and the man had his treasure guitar returned. 

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Breaking News!!

Well here is a very interesting headline!


It can't be true! They is no way Hereford Voice would know of such breaking news 😱

So some local reporters spoke with the hotel (receptionist 😉) for verification about this news article! 


Apparently we must of made it all up and none of it is true, it's all just rumours..🤥





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A good friend of ours who actually works at Tudors sent us the breaking news that Robert Price (formally Tudors) were relocating! How exciting and great to see that this empty unit is now being occupied once again. 


 Good news tends to travel fast in Hereford, this time, just under 13 minutes! WOW 


A few people are starting to notice..



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There have been a spate of some very serious sex attacks in Hereford this year. Some local people decided to hold a vigil near the location on the riverside where many of the attacks have taken place.


We thought it was important to highlight and spread the news of this event. It certainly did the trick and appeared within just 3 minutes, that must be a new record! 


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We were heading into the city when we noticed a large Police presence outside a residence on Belmont Road early on this Friday morning, so we took photograph and published this article.


We have such a captive audience! We are so pleased that our news reaches the people of Herefordshire within just 10 minutes! 


Some interesting comments from local people 



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Always nice to show our appreciation to the Police, who have a very challenging job at the best of times. This was not exactly 'Breaking News' however, it was good news that the quick and brave action of a Police Officer managed to save a man's life after he had fell into the river. 


This heroic news was soon to become 'Breaking News' somehow just 9 minutes later.


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