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  1. Well done Hereford Voice to be partnering with such a worthy charity, I have donated today.
  2. I remember watching him play back in the 80's. Only 78 not that old RIP Monty
  3. I voted for this coalition and so disappointed with the axing of the bypass. I had every faith in them to deliver and I and and a lot of other people have been let down.
  4. This is good news for Hereford, wish them good luck for the future.
  5. Never realised there was so much grass around the roundabout. It is more of an Avalons shape too which I didn't realise.
  6. Sign of the times unfortunately. Covid has just accelerated that now, most shops will not take cash at the moment.
  7. Need speed cameras on this road, far too many accidents especially around Dinmore Hill
  8. Good, fed up with all of these lockdowns which are clearly not working
  9. That was a terrible day, I can remember seeing all the smoke across the city. Sad news about the two firemen that perished. RIP
  10. In this day and age you simply cannot make stupid comments, particularly on a radio station, what was he thinking? I rarely listen to this station, I find them all quite amateur and far too many adverts.
  11. This is a good idea, I think they need to check the existing platforms before installing any news ones. They need to add some sort of grip to the surface because they are very very slippery from my experience if they have the slightest amount of water on them.
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