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  1. Oh and Labour could do a better job... Both parties are in array
  2. Part-Time lights would be so easy to implement, how many of us find ourselves the only vehicle sat waiting for a red light during the evening and throughout the early hours, it works in Oxford and Gloucester with no problems so there is no reason why this idea could not work here.
  3. All looks nice but it feels like it is taking forever.
  4. I am pleased that we were not the only people thinking this, no wonder the city centre is dead! The Old Market was all open
  5. Police want better powers to deal with beggars in Welsh city centre. A public consultation has been launched on measures to tackle anti-social behaviour in Newport which could see a blanket ban on begging in its city centre. The city’s council is looking to update its Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which was put in place in 2015 to prevent individuals and groups from committing anti-social behaviour in the city centre. The order sought to prohibit street drinking, touting for services and donations, aggressive begging, fly-posting and dogs not being kept on a lead. A breach of the order could result in a fine of up to £1,000. But now Newport council is considering a blanket ban on begging in the city centre after Gwent Police said the wording of the current order had proved “ineffective”. Speaking at Newport council’s overview and scrutiny committee hearing on Monday, Gwent Police’s Newport city centre inspector John Davies said: “In regards to aggressive begging, there has been an enormous amount of interest. If you look at the PSPO, it’s how do you legally state that someone is acting aggressively. “We’re reverting back to legislation from the 1800s when dealing with begging rather than having something which is a workable solution. To prove aggressive begging is something that is difficult.” He added: “There are several strands to the begging issue. We have genuine homeless people. In the last count in November we had 18 rough sleepers and that increases coming up to Christmas. “But when you start looking at the number of people who are begging who have homes but are using begging as a source of income, there’s a difference. “I would say there’s a 50/50 split, 50% will be genuinely homeless and the other 50% will have addresses known to us in Newport. “We’re working with the council and the Rough Sleepers group to give assistance to the people who are most vulnerable. The ones who don’t want to engage with us are using begging as a source of income and the PSPO will allow us to deal with that.” Full article This is a difficult subject but I am aware that are more and more professional beggars. We have recently just come back from a trip to Bristol we had for a few days and we were approached twice by quite aggressive beggars asking for us money. We do give to charities but personally, it is quite intimidating being approached in the street, especially, when we rarely carry cash anyway. One of these guys was sat more or less under the ATM outside a shop.
  6. The roads across Hereford are the worst I have seen in many years so this is a welcome decision.
  7. More and more businesses are going into administration, I hope they find a buyer.
  8. Just got home from a walk along here and please to say the brook is running almost perfectly, with the slight detour around that tree stuck in the middle which could do with removing really, other than that is is working well.
  9. I have entered this one too, I do like a little chocolate
  10. I do not agree, it is unfair that someone who owns a property and have worked all their lives to achieve this goal now have to sell it in order to pay for the old age care, yet someone who has been a lazy sod for most of their lives, claiming all sorts of benefits and having their rent paid for can be in the same care home without having to pay a penny, how is that fair?
  11. O wind your neck in, some people are not happy with anything that the council offer! This is more about educating cyclists.
  12. I saw the JCB here yesterday and wondered what they were doing along the bank, thank you for the information and good to see that more has been scheduled into future maintenance. I had a wonder across early this evening and it look much much better, hopefully the stream will flow a lot easier now. I did notice that they couldn't get to the parts around the tree that is situated in the centre of the stream, (4th photo down before the one of the JCB) tree looks like it could do with removing.
  13. A good job done here well done to everyone for giving up their time to do this community clear up
  14. Agree with you on this one Mick, I use the route most mornings and the problem in my view stems from the traffic lights as Asda and beyond. Colin has been running a campaign with some interesting videos for years in an attempt to get them turned off or at the very least make them part time at night. I have no real problem getting out from the Oval either, most motorists will let you out. Glenda, it was actually DILLIGAF then mentioned roadworks in this reply:
  15. I agree wholeheartedly, I read in this debate about maybe motorists in cars would drive and the hard shoulder of motorways because it would make them feel safer, imagine if we all did that, there is difference here in my opinion. Many cyclists are good law abiding people but many like the majority in these pictures are not. I watched a guy only this morning riding along the road and then decided to go up onto the pavement to avoid the traffic lights and jump the queue, they cant have it both ways.
  16. Riding on the pavement is bad enough but at night without lights is pretty irresponsible to be honest
  17. I also spoke with someone who knows her well at work and they said, she used to be normal but now she is like this through years of alcohol and loads of drug abuse all self-inflicted. She has lost close friends and family who have all tried to help her over the years, they said she has always been an attention seeker and the drugs have just made it worse and made her paranoid. Her family just think she is a pain in the arse and want nothing really to do with her. I was informed that she was not evicted for no reason. Personally, I think you have to be pretty mental to want to stick a needle in your arm in the first instance.
  18. I never understood why IOC and the Independents never joined forces. The conservatives are too strong in Hereford if the truth is known.
  19. The same person or a separate tent?
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