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  1. Aaah, I wondered what was going on there the other day when I passed.
  2. I agree, the benefit system in the UK needs a complete overhaul
  3. Yes its could of been a lot better. I thought all the shops were open until 8pm which made this complex stand out from high town, glad I now know that is not the case, so this place is nothing special after all then.
  4. Your going to give Colin a heart attack with headlines like these lol
  5. There has never been a cashpoint this side of the Butter Market, i have always been dumb founded that there was never cashpoints installed in Maylord Orchards
  6. I wondered what was going on. It's about time they knocked these old flats down, I wish that they would do the same at the Oval and rebuild with new, can't believe that the council are not doing that because they are frightened that the shops will not come back! Not a lot of confidence then...
  7. My mum had her metal gate stolen last year, I think they are selling them for scrap and getting the money, unbelievable really.
  8. The floods have been terrible, one minute they are up and the next they are down and it has been like that more or less since xmas. I love the old bridge hdr photo.
  9. There are police all around by Asda and the old bridge still, what happened?
  10. I think this is a neat idea and will help promote the sport and cycling in general.
  11. This is much better, I only wish that they would clean it all up, from one end to the other because it could be such a pretty area.
  12. I have signed the petition today. Good article in the Hereford Times this week Colin.
  13. Looks the same as it did a year ago
  14. Look how much that has grown in such a short space of time. How often do they cut the grass and surrounding bushes?
  15. This whole area needs cleaning up. Did we ever get those additional lights that were requested last year? Personally I think that they should turn this into a road to take pressure off the Belmont Road
  16. Good for you Colin, I read this it it's about time someone stood up and said something.
  17. I totally agree with you on this. All signed
  18. Stopping parents photographing and videoing our kids takes away the magic and innocence of Christmas and children's school plays and events. The is ridiculous and I am pleased that your are challenging this Colin, 100% agree with you and petition signed. Still no comment from any councilors I see, trouble with this is everyone is paranoid!! :Angry_32: There is no law preventing you photographing your kids, I have read through your blog on the petition site and found this often not to be the schools problem but a reflection of the society that we live in.
  19. I wish the local dustbin men would come at a similar time each week, most weeks they are here around 10am, but sometimes its midday, which is ok too, but today they came at 8.15am and I missed them, they have done this before trouble is if I leave my rubbish out the night before the cats open all the bags.
  20. ha ha you watch them go and put it in the wrong place :Laughing_32:
  21. Very good, pools need a good clean up, it is beautiful up there if it was not for a small amount of litter and fly tipping.
  22. The GP walk in place is brilliant and so handy for everybody local to Asda. I hope it stays open.
  23. I was there last week it is such a pretty area but there is rubbish, can the council not remove this? it would not take long
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