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Application for 65 houses on old Whitecross school site


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Taken from the Agenda of the
Health & Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Friday 14 February 2014 10.00 am

Executive Rolling Programme: February 2014 

28/2/14 KEY Disposal of land forming part of the former Whitecross School, Baggally Street, Hereford 
To seek the approval of the Cabinet Member to the disposal of land forming part of the old Whitecross School site, following an extensive marketing campaign, to Miller Homes for development for residential housing to include affordable allocation. 
27/2/14 KEY Disposal of land and buildings known as the Bath Street Offices, Hereford 
To seek Cabinet Member approval to dispose of the land and buildings known as the Bath Street Offices, Hereford to the Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service to enable the delivery of a new fire station for Hereford City. 
Why is it when I see the word disposal I feel that the Council is giving the land away for nothing. Is this based on previous land deals the council has entered into?
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No loss, it was a cheap and nasty scheme which should have been kicked back to the developers to do better. Also, with them declining to provide even a temporary haul road in to the site off Plough Lane (as the previous scheme had indicated), the residents of Baggallay St would have been subjected to 18 months of heavy plant going up and down a single width road, no doubt taking out cars in the process.

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Planning permission granted for 69 homes on this site, with the firm Redrow. This must be, what, the fourth developer? I'm sure Persimmon purchased the land first, then sold it on... then Miller Homes and now Redrow


Access will be via Baggallay Street......


Mutterings about the playing field being developed, according to the HT report. I'm sure there is a public right of way across here?? (Although I appreciate that this doesn't prevent building.... and we do very much need homes!)


I just want to make sure there is still access...!

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I'm really pleased this has been passed. The Planning drawings look in my opinion that it will be a nice development within Whitecross.


It is only the footprint that the old Whitecross School was built on that is being developed with the existing bridge being opened back up for access to the path along the brook.


The old Whitecross fields are staying as they are and I thought that land was still owned by Trinity Church.

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