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  1. Yes I had the email, I'm just surprised there hasn't been more objection to it. Where is the nearest alternative for someone wanting to learn to dive? Also how much will a pool conversion cost? Bet it's not cheap.
  2. I haven't seen anything on here but does any body know the outcome of Halo's Saturday 'customer forum' to disscuss the conversion of e diving pool to another infant learner pool?
  3. Isn't the grand scheme of this southern link road to eventually link Rothewas with the A4103 (Roman Road) creating a 'bypass' which everyone is crying out for?
  4. I'm really pleased this has been passed. The Planning drawings look in my opinion that it will be a nice development within Whitecross. It is only the footprint that the old Whitecross School was built on that is being developed with the existing bridge being opened back up for access to the path along the brook. The old Whitecross fields are staying as they are and I thought that land was still owned by Trinity Church.
  5. Anyone have any updates please?
  6. In all fairness I think 100k may be not be expensive for this project if it covers, design, materials, labour, and warranty. It will be finished to a high level by a team of skilled professionals and the park should have a long life to be enjoyed by many for years!
  7. Is the Sun classed as a news paper? I thought it was a completely fictional/comical daily rag.
  8. I like this design and think it would generally improve the area and provide extra housing. Yes sometimes older buildings should be saved but this is not always the case.
  9. I would suggest this is due to the lack of a private garden and would allow owners to sit outside and maybe a few potted plants.
  10. Wasn't this underpass jet washed and painted white by a group of volunteers the last time? I can't remember who exactly but remember seeing photos on Facebook.
  11. It's about time more pubs ditched the big brewery's and sold local ales/ciders instead like Beer in Hand. One of the most popular pubs in town and one which is usually always busy is also the Barrells.
  12. Thanks for both your responses, So come next year it will be 10 years since the school was demolished and it remains as it was left. I just dont understand why with a City in need of housing and talk of building on fields why sites like this arent being utilised!? If there is no intention to build on this site any longer then how long will it be left like it is? Why not remove all the hardocore and return it to a field.
  13. Thanks Denise, I'll have a deeper look on here. Seems as if it will continue to be fenced off wasteland for a while longer though. Surely it would make sense to build here and fit 100-130 houses on the plot. Especially if they were low cost so could attract young families or first time buyers and not 2nd home owners.
  14. Adrian, What stores in paticular would you like to see in the Hereford City Centre?
  15. Nice to see Jesse making the most of the working day!
  16. Could anyone enlighten me if there is any current plans to build on the old Whitecross School site or is it to remain as it is for the foreseeable future?
  17. River Island are fair prices and nice clothes but the men's selection in the Hereford store is very small and limited even compared to the Worcester store.
  18. Is it the old Topshop/Topman store Adrian? Well done to the owners of Maylords for filling an empty store in my opinion even if it doesn't benefit me. It would be nice for a greater selection of men's clothing stores though I agree.
  19. They're different so will certainly divide and create discussion but I agree there is an ample amount of light provided by them.
  20. As i new member I am slightly confussed and worried about this thread and whatever is going on within the Forum. Shouldnt this really be delt with by the moderators and if members are behaving outside of the forum rules either warned or banned and not be aired for discussion? Maybe once it is delt with a 'locked' post to inform members and remind everyone of any rules which were broken would be wise.
  21. I am currently saving for a deposit myself and very worried about the lack of proporties available to a first time buyer looking for a 1-2 bedroom flat/house up to £130,000. I'd like to ask the council where are these buyers such as myself meant to go, another city maybe?
  22. Looking at the site plan of the proposed new Police and Fire Station I assume the 'urban village' providing new housing in this area has been scrapped?
  23. Although it was a shame to have lost the pool originally this is brilliant news. There is a serious lack of affordable housing in Hereford.
  24. Thank you Green King, people are welcome to their opinions. I have been reading the forum for several months now and one of the reason I have joined is because I don't always agree with what I read. How do we become better and more open people if are not willing to have our opinions challenged so hopefully I can offer that and vice versa. To me Corbyn is a sense of relief. I couldn't understand labour leader candidates saying the party had to become more like the conservatives to win the next election. I'd rather have a Labour Party who stood up for its beliefs and offered a legit opposition than change its political position just to win. He also comes across as some one who is honest whilst being interviewed rather than far too many politicians who only say what the media want or give a 'political' response not really answering what was asked. Maybe I shouldn't have chosen my first thread to comment on a political thread! 😆
  25. I believe it is great to see people having the confidence and self belief to display their talents in the town centre whilst making it a more interesting place to visit. Providing it is lawful and not in anyone's way then I can't see the harm. People resulting to begging for what ever reasons of their own makes me sad to be a Human.
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