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I met up with Keith Marston yesterday morning to discuss how we can move forward with our Duck Pond Project.


We have agreed our next clean up day will be on Sunday 24th October from 0900-1400.

I think we need to have a good general clean up, remove any litter and objects from within the Pond, where it's safe to do so.

There is plenty of weeding and the clearance of overgrowth from the immediate area around the main part of the Pond and surrounding gardens as well as the other end near to the Fosse.

As a group we can check the fencing and decide an action plan for a bigger event in the Spring of 2022, but at least we can get things moving in October.

We have already secured funds for aeration pumps and we will also look at purchasing these with a view to having them installed hopefully in the Spring or sometime next year.

A full nature plan is what is required with tree surveys etc so we are looking forward to discussing all of these ideas with Herefordshire Council and Hereford City Council.

There are some local groups who are also keen to get involved such as our Friends of the Castle Green.

I have left a message for George Watkins at the Castle Hotel and I have had a good long chat on the phone tonight with Jim Kenyon to see how we move this forward. Jim has some really good ideas, which we welcome.

So please let us know if you can Join us again folks? We need your help! You all did amazing work with us on this project and we would love to see you all again this time.

Make a note in your diaries!

SUNDAY 24th OCTOBER 2021 - 0900-1400

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6 hours ago, twowheelsgood said:

After decades of neglect, I doubt £25k is going to make any dent at all, especially at BBLP's rates (and standards of work).

You missed this bit - An analysis is currently being commissioned to determine the best course of action to deal with this problem 

The consultants will probably take most if not all of the £25K

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