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  1. This is brilliant and I applaud HV for having such a positive outlook for Hereford.
  2. Should not have stopped in the first place, but this is good news and will please a lot of local people
  3. Yes me too. Keep up the good work Hereford Voice, you are leading the others may have more numbers but they obviously follow.
  4. I think this is just a scenario but I take the point about people constantly complaining. Everything goes up in price but if the council don't collect extra revenue here something else will have to go up.
  5. Nice prize, will take a look for my granddaughter
  6. Saw this on the national news last night, pretty exciting stuff. I wonder how much a piece of meteorite is worth ?
  7. When does the Balfour Beatty contract expire and do you feel we have been given value for money from them?
  8. It can happen to the best of us, pleased to hear that no people were hurt, lucky escape.
  9. Did not realise that this was now automatic, that is a worrying development (no pun intended)
  10. The article reached over 134,000 people omg that is virtually double the population of Herefordshire! Well done indeed and keep up the good work.
  11. I should think so considering her earns £40million a year plus all endorsements! I agree that he should have been recognised for his achievement in motorsport but I do not agree that he should have been knighted.
  12. I personally think this honours system is flawed and Lewis Hamilton receiving a knighthood come on! Maybe an OBE but knighthood? So Sir Tom gets a Knighthood for raising £32million for the NHS Then Lewis Hamilton gets a knighthood for hiding £32million from the NHS
  13. Why would they want to demolish this house? It looks fine, maybe some TLC but it should not be knocked down.
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