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  1. It can happen to the best of us, pleased to hear that no people were hurt, lucky escape.
  2. Did not realise that this was now automatic, that is a worrying development (no pun intended)
  3. The article reached over 134,000 people omg that is virtually double the population of Herefordshire! Well done indeed and keep up the good work.
  4. I should think so considering her earns £40million a year plus all endorsements! I agree that he should have been recognised for his achievement in motorsport but I do not agree that he should have been knighted.
  5. I personally think this honours system is flawed and Lewis Hamilton receiving a knighthood come on! Maybe an OBE but knighthood? So Sir Tom gets a Knighthood for raising £32million for the NHS Then Lewis Hamilton gets a knighthood for hiding £32million from the NHS
  6. Why would they want to demolish this house? It looks fine, maybe some TLC but it should not be knocked down.
  7. I'm not sure what to think anymore to be honest. This is a load of old rubbish if you ask me, so all of these people could have picked up the virus in a shop in Monmouth, so this means very little in reality 🤔
  8. I cannot see what difference allowing 24hour would have made, many drivers would welcome a coffee or snack when driving thru the city or people working shifts.
  9. I think I would just wait and see if anything develops. These are not really parking tickets they are speculative invoices (Google it) and are really difficult to enforce. Please let us know the outcome. Also welcome to the forum it is good to have you here.
  10. Hi Katrina, how long were you actually parked there and how much were you over?
  11. RIP to all those people that lost their lives on that day.
  12. I cannot believe that this was 27 years ago, I remember seeing al the smoke and hearing sirens for most of the day. Sad day
  13. Yes more consideration needs to be given to the disabled however, I do think there are far too many disabled bays in Broad St, a lot of which are empty I have noticed when trying to park.
  14. Be good if people managed to gather some photographs or video of them. Unfortunately this how some people behave, not a care in the world, be good to throw the litter in their cars, they would soon be moaning.
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