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  1. They have is sussed abroad but people leaving litter that is disgusting
  2. I cannot even navigate the HT website, far to many adverts and popups
  3. There is clearly an agenda here I'm thinking. The retail business premises in the city is without a doubt being slowly turned into residential
  4. This is the worse news for any family to learn. RIP young man
  5. These two people that have been charged are from the Midlands, sounds like they could have killed here there and wanted to hide the body parts on the Forest of Dean
  6. Congratulations on your new role, let us hope that they can find a vaccine asap
  7. Something seriously wrong with society it someone can get a kick out of stealing a remembrance sign, I hope that they find the culprit.
  8. This is a news, let us hope that they can find a vaccine asap
  9. It has been really quite hot today, we were sat out in the garden, have to feel for the fire crews putting out this one.
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