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  1. These are all good ideas and certainly worth exploring, always liked the tram along the Great Western Way idea, something else I believe he was against but there again he might have a thing may about trains
  2. It looks like a load of cow sheds why can't they come up with something just a little more modern instead of this monstrosity.
  3. Sad to see this bank closing. Good luck to all the staff
  4. I dont care too much about digging a hole, I was trying to be polite in my response, but hey ho. Police and CPO's should be doing a lot more about this issue that is my point.
  5. Roger, I never suggested that you don't know? I merely suggested that maybe you should go and have a drink in the city centre and see it for yourself. This is an issue that the police and CPO's shop;d be dealing with and handy out fines etc.
  6. I am obviously referring to times outside of the delivery time window. I see people riding bikes all throughout the day in town. I suggest you sit and have a drink in the city centre for an hour and you will see it for yourself. As for cyclists using footpaths, well that has just become a complete joke.
  7. I don't agree, people should be able to walk about in a PEDESTRIANISED area without having to worry about cars and bikes!
  8. The council should be emptying these bins regular, weekends included or even more because there will eventually be more people around. One collection at 4am is not enough.
  9. Congratulations good to see the website continue growing
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