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  1. RIP to all those people that lost their lives on that day.
  2. I cannot believe that this was 27 years ago, I remember seeing al the smoke and hearing sirens for most of the day. Sad day
  3. Yes more consideration needs to be given to the disabled however, I do think there are far too many disabled bays in Broad St, a lot of which are empty I have noticed when trying to park.
  4. Be good if people managed to gather some photographs or video of them. Unfortunately this how some people behave, not a care in the world, be good to throw the litter in their cars, they would soon be moaning.
  5. This will be really good for the kids and good for Hereford
  6. If this was left like this by Balfour Beatty you need to get onto your local councillor Martin, this is not on. Half a job and a big mess!
  7. They have is sussed abroad but people leaving litter that is disgusting
  8. I cannot even navigate the HT website, far to many adverts and popups
  9. There is clearly an agenda here I'm thinking. The retail business premises in the city is without a doubt being slowly turned into residential
  10. This is the worse news for any family to learn. RIP young man
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