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Vote of no confidence for Corbyn

Paul Jones

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Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet are dropping like flies, An emotional Angela Eagle led the latest exodus today, shortly after left-wingers Owen Smith, the work and pensions spokesman, and Lisa Nandy at shadow energy chucked in the towel, having failed to persuade their leader to step down.

That makes over 20 resignations in the last two days, not to mention a raft of lower level shadow ministers and aides.
The sooner he goes the better.
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Than he should do the right thing and move aside, he has not been popular since day one

I disagree most of these rebellious labour MP's are in fact out of touch with their core voters this was proven during the referendum when in their own constituency voters voted to leave in large numbers in some labour remain supporters even stopped canvassing because of the reaction they where getting at people's doors…


In truth Corbyn should of backed leave but given most of his MP's supported remain he was caught between a rock & hard place.

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This is a sign of weakness and are not the strengths of a good strong leader.

Do you think if the remain vote was successfully these same rebellious labour MP's would not have still staged a coup?


I think he was dammed if he did & dammed if he didn't as certain parts of the Labour Party have been looking for a opportunity to oust him…but we may see his true metal now if he hangs on in their & holds onto the leadership it will show true strength of character?…but he will also need to get rid of a number of these rebellious labour MP's so that he is able to excerpt proper control over the party but he will need a general election in which to be able to do that?…I guess only time will tell?

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