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The Youth Vote


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I hope this is Ok to post Colin. 


Thursday 26th March - doors open at 8pm Play is hosting a "Rock the Vote"


The idea is simple - all the major parties have been invited, Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, UKIP, Its our County - all have replied and confirmed attendance. 


This is an "open Question Time" style of discussion from 9pm in the club. 


So - if you are interested in Politics, care about who should be the next MP for our great City but unsure who to vote for, this could be the place to help you decide! 


Candidates take to the stage at 9pm. 


IF you have a question you wish to ask - please feel free to post here, and Ill add it to the mix and report back the answers if you cant make the event. 



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You have missed the Herefordshire INDEPENDENTS off your invitation list , the SECOND largest group on Herefordshire Council, unless you are just inviting Political groups. The only PARTIES who are putting up a candidate for MP in Hereford are the Conservative, Labour, Ukip, Lib Dems and Greens.


I was sat on a "Question Time" panel last Thursday at the Kindle Centre very interesting, a good evening until someone decided to tell one of the candidates for MP they were talking rubbish! it could of got nasty but the chairman stopped it before it got to that.

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What a great idea!


Is this event squarely aimed at the 18 - 24 age bracket?


I really hope that an event such as this would really resonate with younger folks, maybe ones who will be voting for the first time. I think if people start to see the importance of using their vote at a young age, they are more likely to do so in the future.


Perhaps this generation will lead the way in turning around the pathetic turn out in numbers we so often see.


I truly hope it is well attended, Dan.

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Hi Dippy - its open to ALL over 18 - Jesse is confirmed plus all the others listed above. 


The aim is to make any prospective MP work for the youth vote and more importantly get younger people thinking about politics. 


I hope some of this board can make the event, I would love to meet Bobby - sounds like a blast! 

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Sites that our younger people may be interested in looking at before the election.


Run by young people, the UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for 11-18 year-olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.




In the run up to the General Election the British Youth Council and UK Youth Parliament are pleased to be partnering up with the Sky News’ “Stand Up Be Counted campaign†in the run up to the General Election.


As we know – many young people’s views are not heard, or listened to enough by politicians. But Sky and the BYC want to change that. We’re committed to putting their voice at the heart of our media coverage. It’s something we care passionately about. So, we hope all members of the Youth Parliament, Young Mayors and Councillors will use this platform to speak out about issues that they matter to them.


Are you aged 16-25? Do you live in one of the areas listed - the ones that'll decide the outcome of the election in May? Then we want to hear from YOU!


At the moment no interest registered in Herefordshire.
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Theoretically would 'Joe Soap' get in as an MP in Hereford if Jesse Norman wasn't the candidate and incumbent? If he was the Tory Candidate? Lib Dems have suffered a hit everywhere because of various stuff .... I think Labour might pick up a bit around here but I think Jesse Norman is home and hosed. This 'Play' debate ended up clashing with a major tv event along the same lines so rather unfortunate ... 

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It was nice to meet Glenda, Colin and some of the gang. 


Tonight was interesting - I personally still dont know which way Im going to vote, however I must admit - UKIP in person are much better than they seem in the press. 


Roger - the date of this event was set back in September LAST YEAR - I did feel a bit trumped by Ch 4 tonight, but I think Murph did a great job as host, although Glenda thought that he wasnt giving enough time to the Indi's. 


Either way - it was an interesting event. 

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Not sure there were 70 people there.  Maybe so if you include the Play staff and the candidates entourages.

I'd count around a dozen non aligned audience.  Youth attendance was a little sparse!


Murph was brilliant hosting, the sound equipment was unreliable and the candidates gave a good try at electioneering  (specially Jesse).


Jim Kenyon stood out for me, he gave the impression of being knowledgeable and active for Herefordshire.


Before you decide who you want to vote in as our mp take a look at the policies on the websites - "policiesnotparties.com" and "voteforpolicies.org.uk"


Incredibly interesting reading.

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I completed one of those on line policy things..... where various policy statements are there for you to read, you then order them , all without knowing which party they originate from. It takes half an hour or so to go through all of the groupings.... health, education, environment etc.


When you have finished, it shows as a percentage, which parties policies you were found to be most in favour of, and gives an overall result.


For me, it was Labour 35%. Conservative 30% Green 20% and UKIP 15%.


A really interesting exercise.


There's obviously not a great deal to choose between Labour and Conservative policy.


Therein lies the problem......

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