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  1. Thought I would give you guys a little update on my Sainsburys ticket. Got a few threatening letters about court/bailiffs - ignored them all and nothing now for about 2 months. I have not contacted them and they appear to have gone away. I do however still shop in Sainsburys.
  2. Guys I can confirm a couple of points for you. From a Night Time Economy view - the street pastors have been good news. From an NHS point of view - they have saved the smaller issues ending up in A&E and saved "us" money - sped up time in the A&E department and probably given better care to Night Time Economy people. From a BID point of view - we are doing a small trial with the street pastors to see if they can help with certain issues in the day time economy - this really is in its very early stages. I know a lot of the team and they do not "preach" their values - they just simply help people. I can also confirm that Vennture is not part of or anything to do with the Freedom Church and its a shame that this thread has taken this turn. Not only is this a good thing on the surface its a good thing when you understand it a bit better as well. Vennture put all of the Street Pastor team through rigorous training before they are out with the public
  3. I dont know them by name and perhaps thats bad of me. Mostly they are pleasant and appear happy people who have obviously been dealt a bad hand. I got speaking to one old boy and he is ex military, I was too embarrassed to ask how he ended up in this situation, but there are around 6-8 that are in the doorways along Commercial Road of a night time. Sorry Paul for the thread jack - not intentional, but its just another thing that needs sorting in our beautiful city.
  4. I think the Police have done a lot of work on dealing with the Baptist Church street drinkers, and also the Grave Yard street drinkers - possibly the same group - I dont know, but I do know I dont see these groups around as much as I once did. With regards to the homeless people, I work in town, late into the night and sadly they are there and appear to be increasing in numbers.
  5. Personally Im more of a fan of the new Champagne Signature - great Indian restaurant. With regards to the homeless there does appear to be an increase in the amount of homeless that are pitching up in Commercial Road - sad times indeed.
  6. The remit of the new guys from the BID is to do the bits that BBLP are not meant to do. It would be lovely if all shop managers/owners just spent 2 mins every day looking at their own shop fronts but as we know by other threads we are not all as charitable as some would like.
  7. I live in an area where BBLP has been re doing the path ways after re doing our road - great you say - and so do I. However - they have done the road, which needed doing. The path - well its been dug up and left half finished. A neighbor tells me that BBLP have literally run out of money for the job - as such we have half done pavements and cones all around our road. These are strange times we are in - thats for sure.
  8. Now into June and the first threatening letter has arrived from a debt collection agency. £105 owed now. "Seriously legal proceedings will follow and apply for a county court judgement against you if you do not pay. " The questions is - at what point do I get scared and pay up? at what point do I contact Sainsburys and tell them to look up my nectar account and see how much I spend with them? Or - do I ignor this one as well? Everyone on these threads is so confident that "nothing happens" - I wonder if YOU would put your money where your mouth is? My understanding is that the first notice was an invitation to pay - I have ignored that. We are now at threatening legal action? What are your thoughts?
  9. There we go : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Hereford_Customer_Survey_2015
  10. Now - I am a Jesse fan - not the Tory party - but Jesse - but I have no idea WHY ON EARTH - Chile are giving him money? Anyone KNOW? Anyone have any Theories?
  11. I dont often post on this board - but as a nightclub manager - Ian is one of the best DJ's ive worked with in 20 years of nightclub management! You can see him every Thursday at Play
  12. Welcome Ben - your first post on HV! I know you have been here for a while and your first post is about a "horny guy".
  13. Lets hope so - Len Tawn has a dunk tank! Raising money to soak the Mayor !!! Should be fun!
  14. I did say I would update you guys on a ticket I got at Sainsburys around a couple of months ago now - I cant find the thread. I have not paid it. They have not sent any letters to me. So - there we are then!
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