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An invitation from Jesse.


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Not quite sure what I have ever said to qualify for receiving todays email from Jesse Norman!


Am I free on September 5th and 6th to assist on two volunteering days.....?


Errr, no.


Not even the promise of tea and biscuits - even chocolate ones - at either Saxon Hall, or Clehonger Village Hall can tempt me.

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Anyway, the purpose of the get together, is to "organise and brief everyone about the re-election campaign." And to launch the 2010 - 2014 Parliamentary Report, which he has been working on over the summer.


I would have thought whoever sifts through the emails really should have sorted them into two piles.


Those likely to have a foot in Camp Jesse, and would welcome an invite - and those who definitely don't!!


However, it is a reminder(as if we need one!) that we all need to be thinking about next Mays election.


And it's got me wondering.........


When will Bramer, Morgan. Johnson, Jarvis et al, have to announce if they are standing again???

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I find Jesse Norman quite approachable, but unfortunately I just cannot stand the present conservative party and its appalling policies affecting the way we live our lives. I shall be voting for common sense and local democracy and not ideological self-interest. I think Jesse can cross me off his email list.

Invitation Volunteer Events, 5th 6th September 2014.htm

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The Conservatives were in second place on £25.4m with the Lib Dems third on £7.3m, according to accounts lodged with the Electoral Commission.
The UK Independence Party doubled its income, from £1.2m in 2012, to £2.5m.
The SNP saw a slight decrease, from £2.3m to £2m, with Sinn Fein on £1.2m, the Green Party on £881,819 and the British National Party on £605,208.


I am sure that the amount of funding these parties have will determine how much literature we will be getting through the letterbox nearer May next year. I have always said that we have a pendulum style of politics (something that tends to move from one position, condition, etc., to the opposite extreme and then back again) - the country and you just get ripped off either way. 

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Maybe Jesse should get onto this quick as the rural community slip further into isolation.


TWO GP surgeries in the county seem set to shut because they don’t have the doctors to work in them.
NHS England has confirmed this morning (Friday) that the surgeries in Eardisley and Pembridge are “no longer possible to maintain.† 
Both surgeries are branches of Kington Medical Practice (KMP).


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Blimey, that's bad news. Quite a trek up to Kington to see a doctor.


So.......does anyone know who will be standing against Jesse?


I'm assuming the Lib Dem candidate is still Lucy Hurd??


And what about our councillors....when will they have to declare if they are standing again??


By the way Megilleland, I agree, Jesse is approachable.....in that regard much better than Paul Keetch, although saying that, you could always get hold of Paul, usually to be found holding court at Gilbies....!!

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just shows that our local politicians do not listen, I sent an e-mail to JN saying that as a member of the ruling party he should hang his head in shame, this was following a visit to the day case unit at the County Hospital; to visit a friend who was quite ill and spent a week in the day case unit, it was 3rd world conditions in which the staff struggled to cope, god bless them, my friend even had to give up his bed one night and sleep on a trolley, I informed JN that I was know an ex conservative voter, his reply was the e-mail asking me to help him get re elected. no wonder we are in such a mess.

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That's the last result ... Lib Dems are dead in the water over Clegg and the tuition fee disaster so Jesse Norman hasn't got to do much ... He can probably stay in bed ... UKIP will improve their vote but 3.4% last time won't suddenly leap to 40% ... 

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Oh.....If ONLY Mark Hubbard fancied standing as an MP......he'd have my vote.


Hi Phil, I know the day case ward isn't the best place to be.......but I've been to quite a few third world countries, and honestly, the two do not compare!


We have problems, don't get me wrong.....but in the big scheme of things, we really have an awful lot. That doesn't mean to say we shouldn't strive to improve things though.....as you quite rightly point out, the front line staff are pushed to the limit. There simply are not enough beds. The situation is also pretty bad at Worcester.


The issues with our hospital, is one area that Jesse has been pretty vocal about.


Good to see you posting again.....it's been a while hasn't it??

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Someone else not too happy with Jesse.


All quiet on fracking
I WAS fascinated to read of my MP Jesse Norman’s strongly held belief that MPs must be accountable to their constituents (View from Westminster, July 10).
I wrote to Jesse Norman twice in June, and once again on July 14, asking him for his views on the government’s proposed changes to the trespass law, in order to facilitate fracking.
This issue was covered in the Hereford Times on May 6, the article reporting that 74% of people (across the political spectrum) oppose the plan to allow fracking companies the legal right to drill under our homes without requiring our consent.
I am yet to receive a reply from Jesse Norman, which leaves me wondering whether he feels accountable to all of his constituents, or just those whose votes he thinks he can rely upon next May.
Perhaps other readers have had more success in contacting their elected representative? I would be interested to know how they managed it.
EMMA TELFORD Penn Grove Road, Hereford


Note that the government consultation on this issue ended yesterday. Maybe Jesse can tell us when they intend to frack under your home, especially if you live in the countryside. Useful guide to Jesse Norman's activities in Parliament working for you?

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Another invitation from Jesse Norman:


Lunch with Jacob Rees-Mogg next Saturday, 18 October
I am delighted to say that we have managed to snare the magnificent Jacob Rees Mogg MP to speak at a lunch at the Gardner Hall in Hereford.  
Jacob is sometimes called "the Honourable Member for the Early 20th Century".  He is a brilliant speaker and already one the of the great characters of the House of Commons.


Have a read on Wikipedia about this very eccentric chap. I reckon he and Bobby47 have got a lot in common, Jesse could have saved some money by inviting Bobby and using the Commercial with the audience getting their money back if they attended!
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Had it crossed your mind that perhaps he is Bobby - if so should be very interesting !


Yes there are great similarities, although I think Bobby has the edge on him. In fact I would say that Mr Rees-Mogg may have been "transformed" through The Bobby School of Self Etiquette. I was wondering who was writing all this council speak.


extract from Wikipedia:


In the House of Commons, Rees-Mogg has gained a reputation for his humorous speeches and ability to filibuster.[19]

The ConservativeHome blog rates Rees-Mogg as one of the Conservatives' most rebellious MPs.[20] He has voted against the government whip on the Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, the October 2011 European Union Referendum Motion and the House of Lords Reform Bill 2012.[21]

He also helped filibuster the Daylight Saving Bill 2010–12 and the Sustainable Livestock Bill 2010–12, thus preventing their passage through Parliament. In his long speech on the Sustainable Livestock Bill, he recited poetry; spoke of the superior quality of Somerset eggs, and mentioned the fictional pig, the Empress of Blandings, who won silver at the Shropshire Show three years in a row, before moving on to talk about the sewerage system and the Battle of Agincourt.[19][22][23][24] He also attempted to amend the Daylight Saving Bill to give the county of Somerset its own time zone, 15 minutes behind London.[25]

In a debate on London Local Authorities Bill on 7 December 2011, he said that council officials who have the power to issue on-the-spot fines should be forced to wear bowler hats.[26][27]

In February 2012, Rees-Mogg made the record books with the use of floccinaucinihilipilification—an Eton college neologismmeaning "the habit of considering as worthless"—in the House of Commons which became the longest word in Hansard.[28]Rees-Mogg is comically known by parliamentary sketch writers as "the Honourable Member for the Early 20th Century".[29][30]

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