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  1. West Mercia Housing have said half the houses will go to vets, we wait and see.
  2. just shows that our local politicians do not listen, I sent an e-mail to JN saying that as a member of the ruling party he should hang his head in shame, this was following a visit to the day case unit at the County Hospital; to visit a friend who was quite ill and spent a week in the day case unit, it was 3rd world conditions in which the staff struggled to cope, god bless them, my friend even had to give up his bed one night and sleep on a trolley, I informed JN that I was know an ex conservative voter, his reply was the e-mail asking me to help him get re elected. no wonder we are in such a
  3. I agree with biomech, there was a news article on the TV yesterday and as the presenter walked along a street of terraced houses all you could see was a forest of dirty wheelie bins. It once took the council over 4 weeks to empty the overflowing bin outside of St Martins School it involved phone calls to the council and the local member. I was told that nothing could be done until an inspector had visited and that he was busy, also that as they school was closed then there was no need to empty it, evan though it was full on the last day of term, keeping our city clean and tidy is not a new pr
  4. Just been told that Bar spirit is closing, unconfirmed at the moment but apparently the info came from the owner.
  5. Something I forgot to mention, if the crime map is produced as evidence it is always worth pointing out that the locations of crimes given are not exact, they are approximate locations and in some cases the reported scene may have been misrepresented on the map by the Police to ensure protection to a victim, and I must say that I fully support the misrepresentation for this reason, so if you're up before the beak or the council, demand proof that the crimes actually were close to your premises, and that the crimes reported are relevant to your particular case, the map is being presented as ev
  6. I would like to agree with the comments made supporting late night eating and its relationship with alcohol consumption, it is up to the Police, Council and Licensees to all play their part and to ensure our Freedom to move around this city and to eat when it suits us and not when the petty minded jumped up officials say we can, remember freedom? Another point to remember is that the Police, council and licensees all draw their money from the public's pockets so should all be serving the greater public and not allowing the few to spoil it for the rest, something they tend to forget. Within
  7. I noticed when passing yesterday that shop no 3 on Collins list , the old Subway shop on the corner of Commercial and Blueschool has some work going on , it looks as if someone is doing it so may be a good sign, also Callandras has moved from East Street to Church Street so he has not gone out of business, He is well worth a visit stocking some good gear. It will be interesting to count how many units are empty now including Maylords as individual units and how many are empty in say 12 months and again 18 months after the new development opens , maybe the best way to find out is a freedom o
  8. Nice one Jim, well done, as for blocking the traffic, I don't think we need to bother this week end, Hereford will do it for us.
  9. Spot on Biomech, gave you a green arrow for that one, how about we all drive to Edgar Street Roundabout, go round and round while we figure out the road marking sounding our horns, a little display of civic disapproval for the council to digest. When I say the people of Hereford I mean more than the 180 or so on this site, I know the numbers are here somewhere just have to find the info without loosing my place. We have to get out there, I have supported Colin's campaign to get the lights off on Belmont Road for some time so forgive me for not wading through 5 pages of the forum to find out t
  10. I have to ask the question , is it not about time that we the Hereford people got organised and started a protest group to try and get something done about the absolutely horrendous traffic situation in the City? All members of the community should get involved, we all need the emergency services to be able to reach us in times of need, we would all like to pass around the city in a safe reasonable time, regardless of what our chosen mode of transport is, and was it not the conservative prime minister who said that it would be the small business's that would drive this country out of recessi
  11. I went to shop at Tesco Belmont, I left at about 1205hrs and reached St Martins Street at 1235hrs, :Cha ching: apparently a lorry had broken down going north over the new bridge and blocked the nearside I lane near to the junction with Barton Road, I'm glad that I retired from the Police Force as it must be hell for the services trying to achieve the target response times set by the government , surely its time that our crime commissioner got stuck in to the government, its just another reason why we need to complain.
  12. Good Job Colin, while I'm on, I've been trying to big my reputation up with some extra points so, can you put the little green arrow on my profile, no need for the red one. All the best Phil.
  13. Perhaps the ducks got fed up with not being able to purchase hot food after 0130hrs and moved to Worcester.
  14. Thanks for the info, I will contact the school opposite to see if they are involved.
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