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POLL: Name For Our 'Lights Out' Group

Colin James

Lights Out Campaign Group Name  

22 members have voted

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I have added option number 5 - Hereford Reunited for group name & No Lights Equal Rights as a sub-title / slogan.


​Do not worry if you have already voted, you can still delete your vote and cast a new one anytime until the voting closes on Tuesday at 2100 hours.

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What happens if there's a split ??

Who gets the casting vote...?


And more importantly.....why has this bloody line suddenly appeared??


You have clicked on the underline button along the formatting bar, click edit (within 30mins) highlight your text and click the button again and save the changes, this will remove the underline.



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Colin! You are beyond Kind!

I did the edit thing, and it worked...then thought I'd look mad as a box of frogs worrying about lines that weren't there, so left it alone!!

Never really sure if its worse to be technically incompetant, or a vegetarian sausage roll short of a picnic!!!

But thanks for taking the time for the tutorial!!

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dippy has asked (both with and without underling for effect) "Who gets the casting vote?"


May I propose Dolly, the Salvation Army lady who sits in the lobby of the Butter Market wrapped in blankets?


I was going to suggest Liz Hurley, but what with recent 'developments', I don't imagine Bobby47's going to let her out on here own!

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