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    By twowheelsgood,

    Is there a way to block a topic from loading? For instance, I have a link to 'new content' which takes me straight to a list of updated topics. It overcomes the very slow loading front page. However, I don't want to see again and again a thread I have no interest in eg eating after 1.30am in the morning. I'd like to just hide it - is this possible?

    Update on the my original post about Putson Flats

    By Wheezerweiner,

    Today I received a phone call from HHL about the updating of mine and other properties in the Putson district, it would appear that due to an admin error that I was one of a few tenants who did not  get notified officially about these works.  Had a lovely conversation where I was fully informed about why and when works were able to take place, and I was able to ask lots of questions.  All of this proved very helpful.


    Without my original post on here which HHL picked up on, and via a little detection work tracked me down, none of this would have come about, so I am glad to have had a space where I could voice my concerns.


    What did come out of this conversation was also interesting, though!  It would seem that they find it difficult to decide how to discuss future issues regarding HHL tenants homes with tenants, because past events haven't always proved successful.  For example when Ross Roads was due to have extensive works to the outside, they had open days where tenants could visit and discuss any concerns etc, over two days just 18 tenants went to the open day.


    So whilst on this occasion HHL had made an error hadn't communicated with me, perhaps also we has tenants when given the opportunity should also where possible try and engage more with our housing associations.


    Finally a public thank you to Lesley of HHL this morning, it was enlightening and much appreciated.



    Lights Out Campaign Letter

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    We had a presentation to the Council with the help of Councillor Jim Kenyon last December, which was discussed in our

    Traffic Lights Out Meeting topic here, since this time we have been working on our mission statement etc. The following letter was sent out to the Hereford Cabinet a few weeks ago but we have not received a response at all.

    (I have also attached it in PDF format)


    Good Morning Cllrs,
    The sun was shining last week, which I hope is a good omen for our approach to you!
    Let me explain who we are and what our aim is.
    We are a loose group of disparate Herefordians completely fed up with the constant congestion and unfriendly state of our roads for all road users (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike) who would very much like to look at the possibility of undergoing a trial to switch the traffic lights off along the A49 Hereford City central corridor (in effect, Edgar Street and Victoria St).
    This would ideally mean switching the traffic lights off initially at 4 junctions. These would be, from North to South, the signals on the Steels/Tesco Roundabout, the Victoria/Eign St slip road junction that serves Whitecross, the Barton Rd/St Nicholas St Junction by the top of the New Bridge and the Belmont/Asda Junction at the bottom of the New Bridge where the A49 and A465 split.
    This may seem a mad and original idea but it is neither of those. In the UK the towns of Poynton and Portishead are testament to the success of the implementation of the principles of 'Shared Space' and the removal of traffic signals. On the Continent the bigger towns of Drachten in the Netherlands (44,629 pop) and Bohmte in Germany (12,706) have removed their traffic lights with an average of (from my own rough maths I must admit) a 80-90% reduction in accidents (accidents being the subject that naturally seems to be foremost in the minds of Councillors and road planners when this approach is first proposed for their consideration). Congestion has also been reduced considerably with waiting times in traffic reduced by at least 50%.
    We had a meeting with Jesse Norman and members of the Highway's Agency in early Dec where we, with the help of traffic campaigner Martin Cassini, put our case for a trial to the Highway's Agency. We approached them first because the A49 is the responsibility of the HA and we could not
    proceed without them at least agreeing to consider a trial. They agreed to look into the possibility of such a trial. We agreed, during a conference call with Keith Firth of SKM Transport http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/keith- firth/1a/882/44a that a computer simulated trial would be the first step in this process. Jesse Norman and the HA agreed that they would look at carrying or procuring funding for the cost of said simulation. If this numbers crunched on the micro-simulation (used in Poynton first before the scheme there was implemented) we could then look at a real life trial.
    I appreciate most of you are aware of the idea of Shared Space, since it is something you are hoping to implement along Newmarket Street in time, so I won't try and teach Grandma to suck eggs. And rather than attempt to skew or convert you to our point of view I will simply leave you with the Wikipedia entry on Shared Space which you can navigate and research further yourselves if you feel inclined
    After our meeting with The HA we then approached Hereford City
    Council as a precursor to our approach to you. What we would ask you now, Cabinet members of the Herefordshire Council, respectfully, is for the opportunity to come and present our idea for a trial to you (the Cabinet or Planning Committee) in person to see if this is a project we can win your support for! Without your support it is very unlikely that the HA would proceed with a trial.
    We have no hidden agenda on this, we think this should be and remain a non party political issue. We simply want to try something new in Hereford (without precluding the other options for traffic relief considered by the Council) relatively quickly and painlessly, which might benefit our city enormously. On the other hand, we may find during the simulation process that this approach would not work in Hereford.
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
    Colin James, John Llewellyn-Perkins, Amanda Martin and John Harrington
    Hereford Reunited Group

    Cllrs Lights Out Letter.pdf


    Kilvert Road Flats.

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    I have had many tenants approach me because some of the rendering on the walls of the Kilvert Road flats have become loose because of all the wet weather we have had, therefore it was removed. Tenants concerns is the flats will now become damp. I have had assurance from HHL that if that happened any damp etc would be put right regardless of the flats being part of the regeneration of the Oval.

    Organised Sex Trade in Hereford?

    By bobby47,

    I'm given to understand that young and vulnerable young women have been used and exploited in a Brothel in Commercial Road and the Police have raided the establishment,

    That's the gossip and its all over the place. Because it is 'gossip' I won't name the premises but because of the concern of growing reports of Syphilis and other STD, I thought I'd add to the tittle tattle, rumour and innuendo and let you all know.

    Upgrading of homes in Putson by Hereford Housing

    By Wheezerweiner,

    I live in one of the many Cornish Style Flats that are dotted around Putson in Hereford.  I have been here for 12 years and like many others see and live with the ups and downs of these type of properties.  Just two years ago Hereford Housing spent I imagine an enormous amount of money painting the exterior of these properties.  Those of us living on the ground floors were given a choice of a selection of colours available, and over a period of several months Long Meadow, Winston Road, Hoarwithy Road, the Homestead, Ridgeway Avenue and Holme Lacy Road, all received a make over.  And very nice too they all looked.


    Just last week Hereford Housing recommenced work on the same properties starting in the Homestead re-roofing and installing new windows, fair enough the windows needed doing (I know mine do) and some people have been having problems with leaky roofs and we had heard that the properties were due to be re-roofed in 2014.  What I don't understand is why now when only two years ago all the properties were painted, are they now being rendered and insulated.  Yes it will hopefully improve the insulation values of these properties and improve energy saving values.  Which is a good thing for the tenants, but why did Herefordshire Housing waste so much money repainting them what is a relatively short time ago.  


    I have tried to phone Herefordshire Housing about it, but no one was availabe to answer my questions.


    I was further annoyed to today to receive a phone call from a window company today asking me if I was available to have my windows changed.  Whilst as I mentioned earlier in my post that my windows need doing I have received no official communications from Hereford Housing about what works are to be carried out on my home or who will be undertaking them.  I have the good sense to ring Hereford Housing to check whether this window company were legit.  But my concern is that with the fact that there are many people out there willing to take the vulnerable and abuse them, by using Hereford Housing works program to enter people's homes acting as bogus contractors.  I have rang Hereford Housing about this and expressed my concerns about their lack of communications with their tenants about the works programme.  They did sort of thank me for raising this point, and suggested that perhaps they should do a leaflet drop to tell their tenants about the works programme in this area.  For a housing association who claims to care about its tenants, I feel they are doing a very shoddy job.  

    The Shredding of Hereford Futures Ltd (HFL)

    Mark Hubbard
    By Mark Hubbard,

    The Cabinet of Herefordshire Council met today to agree the terms of the dissolution of the company known as Hereford Futures (formerly known as ESG Ltd). The following were the recommendations of the report:


    (a) the transfer of HFL obligations to Herefordshire Council (as outlined at paragraph 6 below) be approved; 
    (b) delegated authority be given to the Director for Economy, Communities and Corporate, in consultation with the Solicitor to the Council, to finalise and sign the necessary documentation to effect the transfer of obligations arising from recommendation a) above, including any necessary variation to the joint venture agreement with Homes and Communities Agency; and 
    © the role and efforts of HFL board members throughout the board’s period of operation is recognised and thanks be extended to the board. 
    So let's be clear about what is going on here.  Having only completed part of its remit - getting the shopping sheds and the flood alleviation scheme built - since it inception in 2004. The link road and the urban village - two thirds of the site! - have yet to break ground and responsibility for these "obligations" will now be transferred back to the council.  Let us also remember that this company was set up by the council and was entirely funded by public money - in recent years exclusively funded by our council funds.We are told that it cost HFL over £350k in staff and running costs last year, but the council will be able to take over all of the remaining obligations and do it for a mere £50k. And even having closed the company down, it will still cost another £150k in the coming year, post demise!
    You could have heard a pin drop when Cllr Alan Seldon (Chair of Overview and Scrutiny and a recent addition to the IOC team) asked when would the documentation be transferred over to council control - after all, if obligations were being transferred so surely would the paperwork. We have all been dying to take a look at since HFL declared publicly that it did not need to respond to Freedom of Information requests as it was a private company.
    A light dusting of frost settled on every horizontal surface in the silence, which was broken by the announcement that actually the paperwork was being shredded as they spoke.
    Cllr Liz Harvery (standing in as deputy for IOC Leader) played a blinder following this announcement, displaying an incandescent level of incredulity at the blatant cover up with Alan Seldon growling in support.
    Just when we thought we might get some answers with the closing down of a company that has operated as a closed shop, we discover that the shredders are at work. Board minutes promised to be made public by Cllr Roger Phillips back in November 2012 "they wlll be published on the website" he said, but they never were. And now they are on their way to the document heaven in the sky - never to reveal their dirty little secrets.
    Publicly funded and privately destroyed. The evidence trail has closed down!
    You heard it here first.......

    Missing Cats On The Saxon Gate Estate

    By sophie910,

    I would like to voice my concerns about the amount of cats which have gone missing in out around Saxon Court estate since 2008. My friends and I have counted over 60 since then. 20 of these have been since December 2013! (Mostly around Garrick Avenue).

    Our cat died of anti freeze poisoning in 2010, which I believe was a deliberate act as three other cats on neighbouring streets died within weeks of him. At the time I went to Hfd Times and they ran an article about it. I also spoke to a councillor who told me that they were aware of a person nearby who might well be responsible.

    Since then it seems that I can walk around our estate without seeing a missing cat poster. Cats protection league have also agreed that an unusually high amount of cats are reported to them as missing on/around our area.

    I really think something untoward is occurring. The lady I spoke to on Garrick Avenue, told me that one family in her street had 5 go missing within the last 2 years!

    The RSPCA have informed us that we need to put together some sort of case file regarding any cats poisoned with confirmation from their owners vets. I have also decided to collect any missing cat information and log it from now on to show councillors that this is an ongoing problem.

    Stephen Hawking Visits Hereford - Gets Stuck in Pothole

    By Biomech,

    Ok he didn't get stuck in a pothole, but he was here. Very disappointed that I didn't know and get the chance to see him.


    But I still bet he had problems with the roads and streets :P

    30 ******* minutes..

    By Biomech,

    .. it just took to get from The Victory to the Police Station. I'm getting so f$%**@g sick of this.

    Consequently, the items that I had due for pick up from local shops have now been cancelled and ordered elsewhere online for delivery. I'm not ******* sitting through that again.

    I really do pity those local trades people who have to drive around this **** hole on a daily basis.

    A trip to the moon with Richard Branson


    You know what it's like.  You haven't woken up properly when you check your overnight incoming e-mails, deleting those viagra offers and 'learn the art of waterboarding your noisy neighbours' free trials?


    The othe morning, there was the bearded one, grinning out at me at 6.15am, telling me there was a spare seat beside him in the first Virgin Rocket's trip to the moon.  "There's still time to enter this unique competition, Grid Knocker," he said.  Directly at me, peeps!  Just imagine having Richard Branson as your co-pilot all the way to the moon?  The mind doesn't just boggle, it positively coagulates.


    But there was a catch.  Isn't there always a catch?  There in the small print at the bottom, in yellow text set against a pulsating yellow background it said: "I have read Virgin Rocket's terms & conditions and agree to receive details of promotional offers from Virgin Mobile, Virgin Trains, Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Money, Virgin Caribbean Care Homes, Virgin Perfumed Trainer Liners, Virgn Skateboard Accident After-Care and Virgin Drain Unblocking.


    Of course I didn't click the box, but now I'm scared to open the front door or even walk into town for fear he'll be lying in wait for me.  With his red clip board and that cheesey toothsome grin.  The postman's just brought our post: d'you suppose he might come disguised as a postie?  Or the man who reads the gas meters?

    Holy Traffic Lights Batman!

    By Biomech,

    Having just driven down Edgar Street, around to Commercial Street and back.... Jesus Christ!


    Have you seen how many more traffic lights there are now?


    They are all over Edgar Street now, All down Blackfriars and another 2 sets on New Market Street.


    And you can bloody bet that after sitting on red lights for people to cross, you'll catch the next set at the roundabout - a mere 10 meters in front - just as they fade from green to red and have to sit and wait some more.

    Two Police Officers Sacked!

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    TWO women police officers, dismissed for gross misconduct after producing deliberately inaccurate witness statements, wont be facing criminal charges!


    fired.png Police Woman.png 

    At the conclusion of an internal hearing, the Hereford officers were dismissed without notice for behaviour amounting to gross misconduct.

    Now if this was anyone else other than a police officer do you think there would be charges??

    Full HT article


    Herefordshire Council Leader Misleads County Citizens

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I received an email this morning from Nicky Geeson who has asked me if I will kindly circulate the following:


    Quote taken from this article on the HereForHereford website


    The Leader of Herefordshire Council misleads the citizens of the County
    Posted on April 12, 2014 by Lorraine
    The Leader of Herefordshire Council misleads the citizens of the County
    Contrary to what Councillor Johnson has said about transport requirements for a Hereford Relief Road, the Highways Agency has confirmed IT IS NOT SPECIFICALLY REQUIRING THE WESTERN RELIEF ROAD TO BE BUILT. The agency denies setting traffic movement limits on the A49 south of the City and denies conducting any transport modelling associated with the A49 to A465 link road.
    Here for Hereford had contacted the Highways Agency to seek clarification of comments made by the Leader of the Council, Cllr Tony Johnson, on 11 February 2014, in an interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester. Cllr Johnson had stated that ‘…the Department of Transport set a limit to the number of traffic movements [on the A49] … we are approaching that limit … without [the Southern link road] the Department could very well say we can’t go into any more development at Rotherwas and the Enterprise Zone…’
    The Leader’s comments are not supported by the Highways Agency which manages the road network on behalf of the Department of Transport. It is Herefordshire Council’s own Local Development Order that has set a limit on development within the Enterprise Zone, meaning that outside that limit formal planning application for additional usage will need to be made.
    In a letter dated 7April 2014 (ref. HAIL 13601492) from the Highways Agency Network Delivery and Development Directorate, Patrick Thomas answered several of the questions raised by Here for Hereford:-
    What about traffic flows on the A49 south of Hereford – by how much have they increased since 2009?
    Answer: Traffic volumes have fallen by an average of 3.7% in the period between 2009 and 2013
    What are these ‘traffic movement limits’?
    Answer: The Highways Agency has not set any ‘traffic movement limits’ along the length of the A49
    How will the new A49 to A465 link road reduce traffic movements on the A49 – please give the modelling data
    Answer: The A49/A465 link road is a Herefordshire lead proposal. The Highways Agency has not conducted any modelling associated with this.
    Why does the Highways Agency not include this road project on its website, and what contribution is the Highways Agency making to fund such a new road?
    The Highways Agency is not specifically requiring the Western Relief road to be built and has made no contribution to the funding of the road. At this stage it is not within any of Highways Agency’s current or forward programme plans
    On its website in a 22 March 2014 post: ‘More Misinformation about the Hereford Relief Road’, Here for Hereford reported that the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership was one of the unaccountable bodies supporting Herefordshire Council’s drive to build a Western relief road. In its draft Strategic Economic Plan the LEP extended its spurious justification for the road beyond its laudable efforts on behalf of the Hereford Enterprise Zone to the topic of strategic housing sites (#1.3, p. 84), saying:
    ‘As with the Enterprise Zone, delivery of these sites is dependent on meeting the Highways Agency requirement for the construction of a western relief road for Hereford and the complementary transport strategy for the city’
    The Highways Agency specifically denies requiring that there should be a Western relief road. When is someone with authority in Herefordshire Council going to stand up and admit that the Highways Agency is not going to play ball and go along with spurious justifications for the Hereford Relief Road?


    Adults with Learning Difficulties

    Chris Chappell
    By Chris Chappell,

    Herefordshire is some way behind with its provision of care for adults who have learning difficulties. At the end of last year, the council's scrutiny committee told Cllr Graham Powell to appoint an 'Advocate' for this group of vulnerable people. I was asked to take on this role and have been busy since then trying to understand how we in Herefordshire got so behind.


    Until I retired recently, I was a care worker, and I also have a close relative who has learning difficulties so I have some experience.

    I am currently visiting day centres, speaking to care providers, etc. I need the public, you, to let me know if you have come across any problems, if you have a relative who has learning difficulties and has experienced difficulties.


    I am a great believer in communication and information gathering but if I do not know of a problem I may not be able to solve it. If I am to hold the council to account, and adults with learning difficulties to hold me to account for them, I need to hear from everyone one who believes they have a contribution to make. Hereford Voice is a great way to get information out, to hear people's views, swap ideas and get a feel for a situation. Hope you can help me help a vulnerable group of people who often get overlooked when budgets are set!

    Battle Over New Home

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Did this story find it's way into the HT.  If so I must have missed it.  Should the Council manage to pick this ground up for a snip at a mere £1.00 what is it being earmarked for?


    Full Story Here

    Why I say my Lords Prayer!

    By bobby47,

    After my exchange with Steve regarding 'Hell' I've been having a look at the book, titled, 'Hell. What a Dreadful Place', and in Paragraph six, subsection three it says that anyone who is an employee of the Hereford Council and they are simply carrying out the demands placed upon them by their political masters and their senior colleagues it says, and I bloody quote, 'they ain't going to hell and anyone who says they are has never read the book, 'Hell! What a Dreadful Place'. Which of course means that Tony Featherstone is not going to hell and Deirdre was completely wrong, which, given the circumstances, makes you wonder why anyone with any sense reads the Problem Page of The Sun in the first place.

    Mind, Hell is a dreadful place. You'd be a fool to ever want to go there.

    After failing my Eleven Plus examination in the sixties, I was dispatched to an All Boys Catholic School. There, you were certain of three things. Being buggered, getting the Latin and being told a great deal about God, earthly sins, which included masturbating and Lucifer, the Incubus and the Succubus.

    No, you wouldn't want to go to Hell. You'd be an odd sort if that's what you wanted for yourself after your arteries became clogged up and you died in agony from a Heart Attack because your cholesterol had become sky high and you'd become more swine than human.

    Basically, this is what happens after the Doctor says, 'good grief, he's **** himself, I can't find a pulse so he's dead.' Obviously you then whizz off downwards. Not upwards. Definitely downwards. If you find yourself going upwards then you ain't going to Hell, which might make you mutter, 'lovely Im not going to Hell'.

    Once you arrive, you're met in the Reception area by Eva Braun who says in broken English, 'How nice to meet you. Welcome to Hell. Eat this custard slice and here's a tub of ointment to help your anus that'll be violated by the Succubus every fifteen minutes for the rest of eternity.

    After you've completed all the administrative tasks, a bunch of Lucifer's Hand Maidens all rush in wearing skimpy nighties, drag you across the room, introduce you to the dark one, Lucifer who then pulls out a bloody sledgehammer and smashes it onto your right kneecap which immediately gives you a disability for the rest of eternity.

    Then, still licking the cream off your lips after the custard slice, the bloody Incubus enters the room wearing one bloody boot. A huge monstrous thing constructed of the finest Portuguese Kid leather that has eighteen lace holes that secure this dreadful thing to his foot. He says, 'lads, this is the boot that'll kick your testicals every fifteen minutes of your time spent here in Hell'.

    And that is Hell. Every fifteen minutes, not only are you sodomised, you get your testicals kicked as well. You'd be an odd sort if that appealed to you. And worse, there's no Bank Holidays and throughout your time in Hell they pipe one song into your pit of despair, over and over and over again. 'Billy Don't Be A Hero', by Paper bloody Lace.

    You didn't know any if that did you? No! Because you ain't reading the right books. There, and anyone who says, 'what a load of tripe', I'd say, 'Yes, and there's plenty more where that came from'.

    Choose how you move - cycle and get hit by a car

    By Biomech,

    Might put my bike back in the garage.


    A CAR and a cyclist have been involved in a collision in Hereford this morning.
    Emergency medical treatment was provided to the cyclist who sustained a significant head injury.




    ... he had to be flown out by helicopter due to his injuries.



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      This is the profile of a new terrace of brick-built houses near Birmingham city centre (designed by the Courtyard's architect Glen Howells) which is due to be unveiled later this month by the developer Urban Splash. What a pity something as architecturally well-mannered as this couldn't have gone up on the ex-Rockfield DIY site alongside Hereford Station, which will shortly be playing host to a student accommodation block which looks more like a STASSI training centre!

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      Bloody Quality Street in Tesco's already, its August not Xmas!
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