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McDonald's Refurbishment Plans Submitted

Colin James

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Plans have been submitted for the refurbishment of the McDonald's restaurant on Belmont Road Hereford to include the construction of extensions, reconfiguration of car park and kerb lines to accommodate the new drive thru lane layout. 


The installation of a new patio awning over the external seating area.


The relocation of the pedestrian crossing and the reinstatement of the third Grill bay.


Application P174726/AM

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The land between McDonalds and the Three Counties Hotel is actually theirs, it was on the original planning application because the waste land was part of the land of the Belmont Inn, but they chose not to build on it when they built McDonalds originally.


There was talk of them extending the car park in this area but it never happened

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This application relates to the up-to-date concept which introduces a new additional fast forward lane and booth, to allow two customers to collect their order at different booths.

The extension will facilitate a new drive thru booth which will provide a second collection point.
The new fast forward booth will allow for a customer to pull forward to an additional booth, if there is a small delay in the order, rather than driving through to the grill bays.
This allows the traffic flow to be retained through the drive thru lane.
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