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Hereford live concert


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All I can say is that I’m shocked! Big expectations but No thought has gone into this whatsoever. To me all day means at least 8am to 6pm,10hrs! 7 acts and I can’t see them doing more than an hour each! Cheeky girls 15min max - 2 “songs†that leaves 3+ hrs to fill. But they’re not going to start at 8 more like noon or 2pm, so not really all day.

So much local talent and some great international talent that has come from the Shire, not one listed, I doubt even contacted. Dried up has beens who probably contacted them. I’d rather spend my £35 at a festival for 3 days seeing real talent, (midge excluded)! And I have.

Disappointed to say the least. Someone please can we have a proper festival/party in the park type event like other towns and cities annually do.

Or are we all too scared because of the Cider & Sausage fiasco a few years ago. So much local talent going for us.

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