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A49 Dinmore Hill Road Closed in Both Directions

Colin James

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Hereford Voice Accident.jpg


The A49 is closed - diversions at Hereford at the Starting Gate roundabout, and at Leominster at the Bodenham junction A417.


This is due to a serious RTC between a 4x4 and a motorbike on Dinmore Hill.
People are being diverted down to Bodenham from the A49.
All emergency vehicles and responders are on the scene, please avoid if at all possible, long delays are expected.
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West Mercia Police are appealing for witnesses after a 17 year old boy riding a Yamaha motorcycle was involved in a collision with silver Toyota Landcruiser around 2.30pm on the A49 close to Dinmore Hill.


Sadly, the 17 year old boy was pronounced dead shortly after the collision.
Anyone with information is asked to call West Mercia Police on 101 quoting incident number 339S of 11 January.
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Poor lad! Course, for those of you familiar with Dinmore Hill, the dual carriageway at Wellington and Moreton on Lugg, whilst negotiating these areas you'll be met by the results of chaotic thinking dreamt up around a table at The Safer Roads Partnership at Plough Lane that now make a fatality more likely than it was before.

There'll be red paint on the road leading up toward the hazard, yellow paint, white paint, white lines, white towing in arrows, hatch markings, signs saying this, signs saying that, a cluster of directive boards alerting you to react and then, realising that they've bombarded you with rubbish to clutter your mind and affect your decision making, if your luck you can quickly realise that you've run out of road during an overtaking manoeuvre, cause you to brake sharply because of panic and then, if your fortunate, manage to avoid harms way and not collide with something.

These three locations were bad accident black spots before the 'suits' went to work. Now, they're far worse. They've somehow managed to take the Southbound dual carriageway at Wellmgton, a place where you could once overtake a number of slow movers and turn it into a death trap because of red paint, white paint, hatch markings, towing in arrows and signs that confirm to me that those who sit at the table of The Safer Roads Partnerships are thick, dull and idiotic thinkers who are unable to think a problem through without concluding, 'let's paint the road and put up some signs'.

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