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Pre Fab Bungalows in Beattie Ave to be Demolished

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Hereford Housing have submitted plans for the proposed demolition of 41 existing (pre fab bungalows) in Beattie Avenue Hereford.

Construction of 71 bungalows and houses with associated parking, private amenity, access and alterations to highway.

An extract from the Hereford Housing website reads:


The decision has been taken to redevelop the prefabs on Beattie Avenue (story here). These prefabs weren't designed to last, the past 30 years have been a compromise between the costs of sustaining the properties vs the costs to redevelop them. The time when we need to consider the latter has come. At this stage no plans other than the decision to redevelop has been made.

Application P180694/F

Work is scheduled to begin as soon as May.

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145 car parking spaces should add a little character to the scheme. Is Beattie Avenue to still be a through route for estate traffic? I doubt it with the chicane in the middle with parking spaces. So a lot of traffic will be entering the estate via Hunderton Road under the old railway bridge.

Beattie Avenue.pdf

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If they weren't designed to last they ain't done bad . 

( i had a relative who lived in a prefab for over 50 years ( not locally ) - they were very happy with it - it was their home , thankfully they were never moved on. ) 

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