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  1. Both of you are totally bonkers but very funny
  2. Roger firstly all things are relative I rather suspect you probably live in a house that is in keeping with your place in society! Secondly if you live on the third floor of a block of flats are you going to worry about the risk of flooding? Thirdly if you read through the posts you will see the lady being interviewed said the area had not been flooded for 30 years
  3. Pretty sure on that report it said that area had not flooded for 30 years. I would say there are a lot of people who do not have contents insurance
  4. Poor people who have had their homes flooded. A lady from South Wales was being interviewed on the news last night she said she did not have insurance and didn't think any of the house holders in her road were covered either. Buildings and contents is not that expensive couple of pound a week surely for your own piece of mind it should be one of your priorities.
  5. Marc Willimont‏ @Marc_Willimont 52m52 minutes ago More Tomorrow we'll be court with the police to shut down 2 #Hereford shops, Zabka & International Foods, testing new rarely used #ASB powers. Let's hope we can end relentless seizing of illegal tobacco and unfit food with all the other exploitation and put them out of business.
  6. Ubique I am pleased to report that Kingstone Surgery are running a Saturday Clinic for flu jabs. Ewyas Harold and Peterchurch Surgery (2 separate premises but same practice) are also running a Saturday clinic Take note Hereford city the service being offered outside the city limits!
  7. No it goes into the Anoeribic oops spelling Digester
  8. We are the unpaid reporters but at least it serves the purpose of getting certain activities out in the open!
  9. This has received fairly extensive coverage in the HT this morning
  10. TWG I found the PA for March 2015 but what is the PA No for the one submitted in March please
  11. Some of this maize crop goes into the digester and some I think is made into forage for cattle over the winter. Farming is now very high tech and is not easy to keep up with all the different methods used nowadays. As an aside remember before you start farmer bashing to thank a farmer every time you drink a cup of something and eat something!
  12. Desperate need for affordable bungalows similar to the semi circle of bungalows in Clehonger. I think they are Herefordshire Housing but they are perfect - they have everything that is needed easy to maintain and easy to clean etc. Purpose built years ago and probably a long waiting list.
  13. Now that Geoff Hughes has officially left the building - not least at a very opportune moment by all accounts. Is he to be replaced or has there been a reshuffle of the existing employees and in some cases quite substantial pay rises? I wonder just how long it will be before Geoff Hughes comes back as a consultant
  14. This will no doubt go to Appeal. Interesting that one of reasons is that 75 houses will take it over the number of houses proposed in the Core Strategy for Marden. One rule for one village etc etc ............
  15. I may well be incorrect but I would say it is also the nearest decent hotel to Rotherwas for those business people who are staying overnight
  16. The Cathedral would be fairly high up on the to visit list surely
  17. I saw this on Facebook and thought it was more than worthy of sharing and promoting Christine Allen shared a link. Founding Member · 10 hrs Wanted please :) List of items Needed for "Green Farm Bosbury." (Buchanan trust Bosbury) Where A National Trauma Centre for Our Veterans is being built by volunteers from all over the country. There is not much comfort inside the cottage for the Male & Female volunteers. I am unable to help with the physical work So I am on a mission asking for your help with the following items please. PM me or leave a comment and I will contact you Thank you. Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer. Fridge/Freezer or Fridge , Freezer, 3 Seater Sofa. Small Sofa, Table & Chairs, Large Catering Teapot. Kettle. Oven trays. Large Saucepans.Chopping boards, Tea, Coffee, Sugar storage containers. . Volunteers are also needed for Building, Bricklayers/ Builders/Electricians/ Plumbers/Painters. Tea makers. Digging out the foundations, Cleaning bricks .Help cooking the meals. Help needed some days to clean the kitchen up and prepare and evening meal for the Workforce. Large items can be collected by the Volunteers on site. If we are lucky to be offered Large items then we would like to collect all on one trip over. The longer the guys are away then less work they are doing outdoors Thank you Kindly.
  18. Money seems to be burning a hole in their pockets at the moment
  19. On my travels today I noticed a lot of cyclists around. Cannot fault the cycling but when will they realise as smart as they look all dressed in black - THEY CANNOT BE SEEN - against the dark of the hedges and trees. Please any cyclist reading this invest in some hi vis gear - give drivers a chance be clearly visible at all times!
  20. Not all of the students will be able to cycle everywhere so bearing in mind all the learning activity is to be at Rotherwas(or a lot if not all) it would be very opportune now to push for a rail station at Rotherwas
  21. If you want a property to get into a state of delapidation let the Council move in!
  22. What was the outcome of this misconduct case?
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