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  1. Yet another building occupied by our Council in danger of becoming beyond economic repair https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17501979.part-of-shirehalls-ceiling-collapses/ Please can we have a Council who actually cares about the county
  2. A little bit unkind but very funny and fairly true
  3. PLANNING | ✅ Planning permission granted for Burger King to open a restaurant in the former Lakeland Unit on Commercial Street in Hereford! The outlet will open this spring.
  4. Can somebody please answer a question of mine. Burger King say there will be 50 Full time employees yet Pepes Piri Piri say they will be employing 5 full time and 3 part time staff. It makes no difference to me apart from employment for the youngsters but why the enormous difference? Are Burger King's proposed premises 6 times larger than Pepes proposed premises.
  5. Again. Put a property in the care of the HC and it never looks as good again. Just how much is this scaffolding costing the tax payer?
  6. More New student halls approved by #Herefordshire's planning committee today, for the Art College & new university. The design was significantly different to the original submitted version, due to the visual impact on the railway station, a listed building . http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50064642/183841%20Station%20Approach%20Hereford.pdf …
  7. Perhaps Rone Price and all the other who so support the bypass idea that they want to go down in the books as the ones who brought the bypass to Hereford. Would they get the same notoriety with switching the lights off?
  8. Elections coming up they might well change their tune and adopt Colin's suggestion as their own.
  9. Well that might well be true but at the very least they should be affordable to the people who live in this county they should be of the size/type and they should be built in the right places!
  10. I have not got the qualifications that these guys and gals have nor do I get paid the sums of money they do - but you know what this is precisely what I have been saying for years - developers rule!
  11. Whilst I am assured HC is not involved in this particular fiasco still makes for interesting reading and just over the border https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunityr4c.com%2Fcounty-council-ceo-in-cover-up-conspiracy%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR02Xk53stKfdM47f8ztL3JGzuBzF1tn2Og5TIDftqqAFXjwUeTc4_RaBr8&h=AT0IZ7sAt2sCx0hJbc_bEW_RNFDWIsTpDVKroSjXAenQA8TNpheQxu6y_uTaaG1HIPX3HSnP4E0YqAIJkIrm4e7GXBqk6G31yJXZ9VvJruUjM7ItjZtm4uHcaf09oIhJ5kG6qob2RJRom_ZaPzwz7sQtvVeOB5ha7xKcMvHvsGpF3jvgaUVx_elLb0TQ26jHH99Dbmfpw5ftdvw90GJa2W9txsukkS2Fg6tQmKBYAfI6n50R-5pm1gu-nztITIxXylGJuWrLsXIXnS9ja0_pDKQOOCz46fI5XyyL_sID1QYPRUuknUkz4_RS0dg2-jmWEwjnBUKQGqmQF_9BoWl4OSF4UyYbpRoPEhGnjXtT5Ur8HTkWfPu1zHvpu5pJUH47Ge8Eh3eT7yR4Hx7_1SM_SpMComT4GwkTsJpGQG-4EYKOO9NGnnDtafQhPAYl7v1kBiYuOBwYIkjDIUStJ5Y3bcY8mYMu0i5UmkLZrt_9dLgLm6oBsI13a2RJYJFgO1JzIis9LyFL0sGa9iGLxAfVBdBIdG7ENuYtf5SbaEBKdmZaWUjxhL2Dc2O0z93vxSCvuoS5ZCBCc04oWFcwidnUN5nAtQw8Wn7xeZBVkKaW8KBQzmn0sL4AsypX-hLBuYB1IsZdyfUTi11LyihS0macFhXF5tv67MM Surprisingly the link works for me
  12. A new PA has now been submitted for this pub to be turned into a Co op Unsurprisingly there have already been many objections https://t.co/3HVwhZwloc
  13. And yet a friend of mine who was driving the wrong type of vehicle was told he could not drop a large fridge freezer off so he said can I walk it in and they said yes = somebody should write a book Tales from the Tip I wish the scrap man (with a permit of course) would surface again
  14. The tip has become such a job's worth I hear tip tales most weeks seriously needs a sort out
  15. Talking about contracts and all that I think HC had a hand in this contract - oops https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-46964672
  16. and if in Rotherwas be much closer to the larger companies where the students are supposed to be doing the majority of their learning
  17. https://t.co/tz9NXIruQY NMITE in talks about Robert Owen School - no surprises there There are so many different NMITE forums on this site would it be better to marry them up a bit? and close off the others
  18. Similar to the Seaboard contract all very strange and questionable
  19. That gravy train just keeps on rolling "Consultant Geoff Hughes Ltd September 2018 – Present 5 months Herefordshire Having spent my career in local government I have now become a self employed consultant. My initial jobs include supporting the development of Nmite a new engineering based University in Herefordshire. I am also working with Powys Council to support them with their programme of economic regeneration." Please reassure me he did not receive a massive payout upon leaving HC
  20. Should take the quickest possible route through planning and build post haste Financing it should not really be a problem if the Government can throw billions at a possible no deal Brexit
  21. what does the one in Belmont Road say? Amazing that they can do this without somebody seeing them at it - hope they are made to clean it all off on a very bitterly cold day - a great pity their energies could not be turned to do something useful
  22. Whilst looking on the HC News website for confirmation of something I heard about NMITE (which I failed to find) I happened across the 2 links relating to the Social Care recent cases. Thought I would post them before they are mysteriously removed https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2018/76.html&query=(WR0007/18) https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2018/72.html&query=(WR18Z00057) I have not yet read them but feel they will make for very uncomfortable and worrying reading
  23. Sorry missing the point here but why is everybody getting so excited about a Burger King? No doubt somebody will enlighten me!
  24. Is Interserve about to follow suit? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46494465
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