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  1. now that is a great shame she had a huge majority and must have been very popular.
  2. Aylestone Voice it is now your turn to enlighten - please what is the suggested conspiracy theory?
  3. AV I do actually have a smidgeon of sympathy for those Councillors who lost their seats yesterday. Having lost jobs through redundancy or just straight forward sackings I know just how soul destroying it can be. And the older you get the more it hurts. It must be very strange for the Councillors who have been at it for years to suddenly and very publicly find out that basically they are no longer required. In fact it will hurt like hell. I do not need to explain the voluntary work I do I am a a fully paid up member of society and what I now do is my business and my business only!!
  4. But Roger I seem to recall you were not voting - now you expect the elected person to call on you - bit rich isn't it? With any luck Kath also works unlike some of these retired Cons who are now no longer in the old boy network Con Club. Councillors who also work for a living have a different perspective and see the county and life for what it is like compared with some of these rich retired blow ins who decide to take up local politics initially to get them out of the house and from under the wife's feet. Must be a funny life for these old boys who have stuck with it and now find
  5. Cutter out - so much for his electioning efforts PS to Megg............... Harlow is not standing
  6. Golden Valley North Elected Mrs Hewitt, Jennie, Independent. Turnout 55.08% Mrs Hewitt, Jennie, Independent. Votes 697 Mr Price, Philip David, The Conservative Party Candidate. Votes 485 Ms Coda, Anna-Maria, Labour Party. Votes 141 Dropping like flies
  7. I have loads to do but cannot move from this screen for too long just at the moment - will have to do massive catch up later on!
  8. Well will you just look at that Breaking news: Harry Bramer and Brian Wilcox both lose seats.
  9. Hampton Elected Mr Harrington, John Dennis, It's Our County Independent Organised Capable. Turnout 38.44% Mr Baker, Bruce Allen, The Conservative Party Candidate. Votes 468 Mr Harrington, John Dennis, It's Our County Independent Organised Capable. Votes 611 Well done John
  10. Independent Bernard Hunt wins Newton Farm with just 171 votes. The turn out was a tiny 18.6% in the Hereford seat. Other candidates included Jacqueline Carwardine (Lib Dem 147), Labour's Margy Whalley (101), Glenda Powell (92) and Jeremy Chapman (Conservative 43). Snap!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Phil Cutter speaking out https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17608363.controversial-housing-plan-face-rejection/now
  12. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/tories-in-freefall-as-councillors-say-they-have-given-up-canvassing/29/04/?fbclid=IwAR32XcvFVcW-v7cZ1TUkdhNEBwU2t1bxTR-IEDd7utAGsITqm5wM2PzIOyY A very good reason to make that effort and vote
  13. Balfour Beatty and Laing O'Rourke chucked off Prompt Payment Code Pair joined by Interserve, Costain and Persimmon in being named and shamed by government I will just post this here is BB another large group to watch and handle with care?
  14. Ah but will they still be the great and the good after this week?
  15. For all that you say I will not be voting in the EU elections - I did not last time and it made no difference to the country so it will not make any difference this time! As Tom Smith said this is about local Council elections and an attempt to get the right ones in for the good of the county
  16. I think I have spoken to more people that have said they are not voting than ones that are voting. I will vote purely and simply in an attempt to get the Cons out of Hereford - time for a change. I will never forgive them for selling the Council farms and many other sins they have committed. Cambo the likes of John Harrington have put so much effort into this campaign and by not voting you are giving your vote to the Cons. With this apathy we are going to get the Cons back in! Think more local than national at this present moment in time! Having preached about voting I will def
  17. Yet another fly tipping case brought to the courts http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17599335.fly-tipping-family-must-pay-more-than-1000/?action=bulletin_click&sent_id=822651069&secret=772875&ref=ebln and another fly tipping incidence into the River Wye near to Bredwardine. This is all costing us the tax payer a small fortune. It is a great shame that the Council cannot set up a register of legit "scrap people" who have permits. The Council issue the permits so they have all the info to hand. Many people are innocently handing over money to these scoundr
  18. Very sorry to hear about your Dad - tough old times. But glad to hear you are very busy at work more tax being paid into the coffers to keep me in my pension - goodie
  19. Goodnight Joe Grundy you were always a good one. Sleep tight. For those not in the know he was a main character in The Archers!
  20. Have not heard from Ragwert lately has he left the room?
  21. atm63 best vote this time then. Not voting is giving your vote to the Cons!
  22. NumberP131390/O NumberP131391/F I think you will find that these are the planning apps that you are referring to. You can find either by following this link https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search Jesse Norman has quite often stated that he does not get involved in local planning matters so I would not hold out too much hope for assistance from him. The best hope of getting a local councillor involved is to collar the next prospective candidate. They love a challenge!
  23. Somebody might like to ask a Con candidate about the Blind College - Council spends £6.25m on campus purchase You are viewing content from Sunshine Radio Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. Would you like to make this your preferred location? News Home More from Local News Monday, April 15th, 2019 6:51pm By Carmelo Garcia - Local Democracy Reporter Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share on Twitter The total cost to local taxpayers to help rescue the struggling college for the blind in Hereford amounts to more than £6m.
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