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  1. Let us hope the children are kept at home as much as possible and not roaming the streets
  2. Gareth Ratcliffe 1 hr Later on today there will be a Facebook group set up looking g for community volunteers to join to support the statuary services in the event of community help needed to respond the covid-19 outbreak. This page will help coordinate support for most vulnerable in our community. Please look out later for more information Thank you to the residents who have already contacted me offering support This is a post from Councillor Gareth Ratcliffe Powys CC it has a coloured chart which I am unable to copy over from Facebook but it is certainl
  3. At our Parish Council meeting a little while a go we had a presentation from Gemma Johnson who gave a presentation on Community Hubs which in theory is a good idea https://mycommunity.org.uk/resources/community-hubs/. Another one is the Smart Water set up by the Police but this is so expensive and has to be done as a parish/group and with the ever decreasing precept there have not been many able to do it. Communities do come together in times of need - look how so many volunteers worked tirelessly for the poor souls who were flooded. The problems seem to arise when individ
  4. Golden Valley Action Group liked John Wilson @JohnWilsonNQ Apologies to anyone trying to visit the Hereford Times website. We have technical problems that we are working hard to fix. We'll be back online as soon as possible.
  5. Off here too - BBC Hereford and Worcester posted this on their Twitter this morning https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-51854911 If you all remember there was a member of HC staff arrested a couple of years ago well this is the case that relates to the arrest - well I am assuming it is. All a bit sordid really.
  6. It does seem to be all very dramatic but because there is not yet a vaccine for this it is causing a lot of concern. For all those that have not under lying health issues it probably is not a huge problem however those with long term illnesses have a suppressed immune system and this is where the real concern is. To look at it another way if it wiped out half the population the survivors would say why was this not taken seriously at the outset - so personally I think we should be aware of it and take as many precautions as possible. Do not really understand why people are panic buyin
  7. A great pity we cannot sack HC in it's entirety and then re employ the ones worthy of their posts and basically start over again on salary scales that are in keeping with the rest of the county. Which reminds me where is the Chief Executive cannot think of his name?
  8. The cost the devastation this disaster will cause to so many companies shops and individuals does not bear thinking about. Hereford town was nearly on it's knees as it was what this will be do to it I do not know. I trust HC will set up a "Cobra" type committee to get Herefordshire back to some form of normality. It has to be a priority surely. Individuals and companies have to know where to get assistance be it finance or some muscle and HC has to be the first point of contact.
  9. I bet the reported rats are running for their lives - watch out in the neighbourhood because they will set up home close by!
  10. Bobby you are a very knowledgeable chap to save me looking it up the Red Army was Russian was it? The Red Army moved in and put an end to the Death Camps which were without doubt too shocking for words. My question is did the rescued people then have a hellish time with the Red Army? Or perhaps I am getting my history all mixed up no doubt you will clarify
  11. If a bypass was started today how long would it take to be up and running and how much would it cost?
  12. Looks like we are to see continued austerity in Herefordshire. I happened to see this on Twitter yesterday. I wonder what the Jess and Bill have anything to say about this! We are blessed with 2 Con MP;s and yet we are to suffer a cut in our funding https://t.co/sMgyd8GAbS?amp=1
  13. I read somewhere that 2 bridges are being considered - East and West
  14. 'NMITE which is working towards transforming engineering higher education, announces Hereford-based, oak-framed building specialists, Oakwrights, as the winner of its competition to help create the designs for three new buildings on the Skylon site.' Full Story
  15. I say that is an insult to a *** what about a bit of a dick!
  16. At home all day and surprise surprise I had a Sorry I missed you card/leaflet from the Jess. I even saw the lady who was delivering them walk past my house after putting the leaflet through my letter box..There was also a very flat no punch can I be bothered pitch from Jess Says it all really if they can't be bothered can I be bothered to keep them in their jobs so that they can continue to behave like little kids
  17. Am I the only one who is struggling to drum up any enthusiasm to even vote. The way they have all behaved recently is shameful and a disgrace to the country. They just play around whilst Rome burns!
  18. https://twitter.com/SunshineRadio/status/1190174431123066880?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  19. Here it is I wonder how our MP'S voted or need I bother asking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Hello I posted something on this a while ago and sadly I am one of those affected and have lost a fortune because of this. But there again Megilleland I would rather have my problems than what you have on your plate. Hope you have all settled into some semblance of a routine and basically getting on with it because after all what is the alternative?
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