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  1. Just when you need all the help and assistance in the world you get this added expense and hassle. When all you need is to get your home right to suit your partner's needs so you do not have to travel to Bristol(I think that is what you said earlier) and get yourselves into a routine of balancing care and earning money. You are doing all the right things but it would seem you have little back up from the authorities. This country has become a disgrace. There is a Stroke Charity at Tupsley but I expect you know that already.
  2. Give it a couple of weeks and it will be sorted. Mind you I do miss their cakes and nobody can find anything in there quite amusing because every body is asking anybody where is that where is this and so on The biggest problem is the car park and the people who use it as a hospital car park really winds me up
  3. Just awful - I would be tempted to send it all to the Daily Mail or some such daily rag. Our beloved Council want to spend millions of pounds on new roads but do not look after what they have.
  4. Glenda I am referring to the PC Meetings held at Belmont Community Centre every 6 weeks. The last time I looked at their financial situation they had enough money to hire a lengthsman to do the work referred to. This would take away the necessity of relying on BB who clearly are incapable of doing the work.
  5. Go to the next Parish Council meeting and speak out and keep attending until something is done
  6. Yes indeed and Jesse Norman is also a full on supporter of the guy. God help us
  7. Might as well show how the new Planning Committee is made up Councillor Graham Andrews Councillor Paul Andrews Councillor Polly Andrews Councillor Toni Fagan Councillor Elizabeth Foxton Councillor John Hardwick (Chairperson) Councillor Terry James Councillor Tony Johnson Councillor Jim Kenyon Councillor Jeremy Milln Councillor Paul Rone Councillor Alan Seldon (Vice-chairperson) Councillor John Stone Councillor Yolande Watson Really surprised the new Leader is not on this -
  8. Looking very likely to be Boris Johnson - help
  9. And yet the same company wanted to wipe out The Broad Leys. Good on the Co op for the good work they do. Each time you shop there you are contributing to local charities of your choosing.
  10. Possibly another one in the mix H and W‏Verified account @bbchw 17m17 minutes ago More BBC H and W Retweeted Jesse Norman THREAD: The MP for Hereford & South Herefordshire @Jesse_Norman who was last week appointed as Paymaster General & Financial Secretary to the Treasury says he is considering entering the race for the Tory leadership BBC H and W added,
  11. Surprised nobody else has posted the changes at Herefordshire Council following the recent local elections so here goes:- Herefordshire Council’s Leader and Chair elected and committee chairs appointed. Full Council has today announced how Herefordshire Council will be governed in the 2019/20 municipal year. Councillor Hitchiner has been elected Leader of Herefordshire Council, Councillor Bowen is Chairman of the Council and Councillor Guthrie is Vice-Chairwoman of the Council. Full Council also appointed Herefordshire Council’s committee chairs, confirmed as: Adults a
  12. BREAKING: Theresa May announces she’ll step down as Tory leader on Friday 7th June. Poor old girl did not care for the woman but by God she did give it her all and her supposed colleagues/friends have been real bastards and ******* to her
  13. BCSunPolMidlands‏ @sunpoliticsmids 2m2 minutes ago More BBCSunPolMidlands Retweeted Philip Hammond Hereford and South Herefordshire MP @Jesse_Norman leaves his job as Roads Minister and is appointed as Financial Secretary to the Treasury. Richly deserved promotion for @MelJStride. Disappointed to lose him but I know he'll do a great job as Leader of the House. And a warm welcome to @Jesse_Norman as @hmtreasury's new Financial Secretary. We're all looking forward to working with you.
  14. My list for NOT's so far without even thinking about it! Boris Truss Grayling Leadsom
  15. A message from Harry Bramer Dear Editor I write in my last few days as the Mayor of Ross to say a huge thank you to all those that have supported me and my consort Marie Ward in the 100 or so civic events we have attended on behalf of the Town and the residents of Ross. It has been 16 years since I entered local politics by winning Penyard Ward in 2003 to gain my seat on Herefordshire Council and a place on the Town Council in 2007. The unusual national political scene has led to a deserved back-lash against the major parties nationally and regrettably this trend has been r
  16. no definitely the Blind College well the 5395000 bit is the same as on the papers Meggilleland put a link to as for the other expenditure that is anybody's guess
  17. About 910,000 results (0.40 seconds) Search Results Web results Senior management team - Herefordshire Council https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200148/...council/41/senior_management_tea... Economy and place. Acting Director: Richard Ball; Email: richard.ball@herefordshire.gov.uk. The council is supported by three divisions that create a corporate ...
  18. The payment to Davitt Jones could be the payment for the Blind College - maybe
  19. now that is a great shame she had a huge majority and must have been very popular.
  20. Aylestone Voice it is now your turn to enlighten - please what is the suggested conspiracy theory?
  21. AV I do actually have a smidgeon of sympathy for those Councillors who lost their seats yesterday. Having lost jobs through redundancy or just straight forward sackings I know just how soul destroying it can be. And the older you get the more it hurts. It must be very strange for the Councillors who have been at it for years to suddenly and very publicly find out that basically they are no longer required. In fact it will hurt like hell. I do not need to explain the voluntary work I do I am a a fully paid up member of society and what I now do is my business and my business only!!
  22. But Roger I seem to recall you were not voting - now you expect the elected person to call on you - bit rich isn't it? With any luck Kath also works unlike some of these retired Cons who are now no longer in the old boy network Con Club. Councillors who also work for a living have a different perspective and see the county and life for what it is like compared with some of these rich retired blow ins who decide to take up local politics initially to get them out of the house and from under the wife's feet. Must be a funny life for these old boys who have stuck with it and now find
  23. Cutter out - so much for his electioning efforts PS to Megg............... Harlow is not standing
  24. Golden Valley North Elected Mrs Hewitt, Jennie, Independent. Turnout 55.08% Mrs Hewitt, Jennie, Independent. Votes 697 Mr Price, Philip David, The Conservative Party Candidate. Votes 485 Ms Coda, Anna-Maria, Labour Party. Votes 141 Dropping like flies
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